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Native Americans cultivating a field

Written accounts of Native Americans cultivating the land in New England overstate the importance of agriculture in the pre-contact period, according to a new study. Here, an engraving by Theodor De Bry, after a drawing by Jacques Le Moyne, depicts Timucua Indians at Fort Caroline, a French settlement established in what is now Florida, hoeing and sowing seeds, including beans and maize. 

Courtesy of the Lewis Ansbacher Map Collection, permanently housed in the Morris Ansbacher Map Room, Jacksonville (Florida) Public Library.


Before Europeans arrived in New England, local ecology was driven by climate shifts, not by human interventions.


Nobel laureates, HBS dean stepping down, Allston options, and more

January-February 2020

Photo of James Collins in his lab

James Collins
Photograph by by Jim Harrison

For synthetic biologists, there appears to be no limit to what they can build.

January-February 2020

An illustration of a handgun with bullets

Illustration by Gary Neill

David Hemenway advocates a pragmatic, public-health-based solution to gun homicides and suicides.

January-February 2020

Photo of abandoned newspaper vending boxes

Photograph by Marc F. Henning / Alamy Stock Photo

New models for newspaper journalism in the Internet era

January-February 2020

Illustration showing innovators going underground rather than assaulting an established fortress

Illustration by Stephen Collins

In her new book, Rosabeth Moss Kanter thinks “outside the building.”

January-February 2020

Debate elicits ideas from an apolitical, science-based call to action, to a lower-carbon-footprint endowment portfolio.


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has a formal motion to divest from fossil-fuel production.


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Source: Harvard Enterprise Research Campus Master Plan
Courtesy Harvard Allston Land Company


From among three finalists, a partner is expected to be chosen by the end of December.