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Institutions and innovation districts in the Boston area

From the Harvard Enterprise Research Campus Framkework Plan


Developers receive request for proposals


Adams House, encompassing buildings ranging from Colonial America to Harvard’s Depression-era creation of the House system (and trisected by city streets), poses design and construction challenges. 

Courtesy of Beyer Blinder Belle 

The four-year renewal Adams will run far longer than any of the other House projects. 


HUDS leadership meets with Red’s Best CEO Jared Auerbach in the organization’s headquarters on Boston Fish Pier. From left to right: David Davidson (HUDS managing director), Bruce Calvert (director for residential dining operations), Martin Breslin (director for culinary operations), Jared Auerbach, Crista Martin (HUDS director for strategic initiatives and communications), and Akeisha Hayde (executive chef for residential dining)

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Dining…and learning

July-August 2019

An admissions scandal further damages the reputation of selective institutions of higher education.

July-August 2019

Illustration by Matt Chinworth 

The Undergraduate takes a chance with film.

July-August 2019

Sofie Fella

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Rugby’s freshman scorer Sofie Fella

July-August 2019

Frank Doyle, in full ref attire, is fluent in Newton’s laws of motion—and the laws of the game.

Photograph by Jim Harrison

On the weekends, SEAS dean Frank Doyle steps out of his office and onto the pitch.

July-August 2019

A rendering of the new Academic Resource Center, opening in late July

Courtesy of LAB / Life. Science. Architecture, Inc

The College overhauls academic counseling.