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The annual disclosure of the most highly compensated University leaders


University Hall

University Hall, home to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences offices, where faculty meetings are held

Photograph by Bostonian13/Wikipedia.


Honors teaching excellence, and the memory of Nathan Glazer, in last regular meeting of the academic year


Photograph portrait of Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin

Photograph courtesy of Harvard University.

The former NBA star headlines the undergraduates’ virtual celebration May 26.


A hybrid classroom showing the large screens enabling a teacher to see all the students, remote or present, as he is followed by a camera operator.

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(1 of 4) The large-screen HELIX system, here deployed in Henry Leitner's Computer Science 1 class, makes it possible for an instructor to teach students who are physically present and see students attending class online, without being confined to a small computer screen at a fixed lectern location; the camera follows the professor and assures that he can be seen effectively by “roomies” and “Zoomies” in a hybrid course.

Courtesy Faculty of Arts and Sciences/ Office of Undergraduate Education

Faculty of Arts and Sciences tests hybrid classrooms and other pandemic adaptations.


An open gate with the Harvard Logo over it

Harvard's acceptance rate drops as applications rise. 

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Daderot

Harvard admits a record-low 3.4 percent of applicants 


Close-up image of an "ice lantern" (a light set in an ice casing) in the snow on Radcliffe Quad

Cabot House members cheered up the wintry Quad with their hand-crafted ice lanterns. 

Photograph courtesy of Cabot House faculty dean Ian Miller and resident dean Meg Lockwood. 

Undergraduate Houses experiment and innovate in attempts to revive the effervescence that once characterized their student communities. 


The main atrium in Harvard's new Science and Engineering Complex

Healthy building materials are a hallmark of the interiors in Harvard's new Science and Engineering Complex in Allston.

Photograph by Jonathan Shaw/Harvard Magazine. 

Harvard leveraged construction of its new Science and Engineering Complex to remove harmful chemicals from building-materials supply chains.


Photograph of Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow

President Lawrence S. Bacow

Taking stock of a pandemic year, President Bacow sketches how Harvard might change—and where it will not. 


Screen shot of students from 2020 Harvard virtual degree-granting ceremony

A screen shot from the closing moments of the 2020 virtual degree-granting ceremony (a technologically enabled singing of “Fair Harvard”)—an exercise now being replicated in some form for a second consecutive pandemic spring

Harvard Magazine 

The 370th degree-conferral will be online for the second consecutive year—with Ruth Simmons as guest speaker.