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Photograph by Tommy LaVergne/Rice University


Currently dean of the Rice University School of Architecture, Whiting will assume her new post on July 1. 


Red Rocks Conservation Area, in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Photograph by Vladislav Sevostianov

Rock climbing in Greater Boston—and beyond

May-June 2019

A toehold for the arts in Allston 

Photograph by Clare O’Keefe

ART to Allston and dual-degree decision

May-June 2019

Winthrop House tensions and government department concerns

May-June 2019

Allan Bakke’s admissions suit began four decades-plus of protests and litigation.

Photographs from Bettmann/Getty Images

Closing arguments in the admissions lawsuit, and affirmative action in broader context

May-June 2019

Jason Luke

Photograph by Stu Rosner

Harvard’s behind-the-scenes Commencement hero

May-June 2019

Houghton Library’s redesigned exterior will feature a fully accessible entrance with ramped walkways.

Rendering courtesy of Ann Beha Architects

A renovation to make Houghton Library “open to all”

May-June 2019

The front page of The Boston Globe on Friday April 5

Head fencing coach Peter Brand allegedly sold his Needham home to the father of a prospective fencer at an inflated price.


Amanda Claybaugh, dean of undergraduate education
Photograph by Justin Cooper

How Harvard will structure its General Education “quantitative reasoning” requirement