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Photograph Commencement procession into Harvard Yard Tercentenary Theatre

At last, an opportunity for the coronavirus-affected classes to proceed into Tercentenary Theatre and partake of the festival rites

Photograph by Jennifer Beaumont/Harvard Magazine


The coronavirus short-circuited their Commencement. Harvard plans a do-over.


From left, top to bottom: Cigall Kadoch, Shingo Kajimura, Emily Balskus, Flaminia Catteruccia, Sun Hur

Photographs courtesy of the subjects unless otherwise noted.

Photograph of Flaminia Catteruccia courtesy Wikimedia Commons/ Harvard SPH. 

The designation comes with $9 million in research support


Penny Pritzker

Corporation member Penny Pritzker underwrites new economics building

© Moshe Zusman Photography Studio

Landmark support for an eminently strong department


Chart of financial markets


Photograph by Unsplash 

How far is up in a year of robust investment returns? The University of Virginia’s report is suggestive.


Students gather on the grass in Harvard yard

Harvard Yard  

Photograph by Meena Venkataramanan

A recent graduate visits Harvard during a semi-normal semester


Jim Stock, new vice provost for climate and sustainability

James Stock, newly appointed vice provost for climate and sustainability

Photograph by Stu Rosner

A summary of current work—and an important new appointment


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(1 of 2) In mice, a lab-evolved vector for delivering a gene therapy (MyoAAV, indicated by the presence of green fluorescent protein) selectively targets muscle (depicted whole, top, and in cross-section, above right) dramatically better than commonly used, naturally-occurring viral vectors (above left and center). 

Image courtesy of the Pardis Sabeti Lab and Cell/DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2021.08.028

A uniquely interdisciplinary lab has developed a new technique to deliver targeted gene therapies.


Quincy Street entrance of the Harvard Art Museums

The Harvard Art Museums

Photograph by Zak Jensen; © President and Fellows of Harvard College. Image courtesy of the Harvard Art Museums.

The announcement comes amid a spike in cases on campus and an increase in testing frequency. 


Memorial Church

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

In Memorial Church, and at other opening-days exercises, President Bacow encourages the community to “excel in small moments.”