The Changing Campus

Harvard Previews Future Building Plans in Allston

Regulatory filing on the University’s next decade of construction expected this week

by Jonathan Shaw

Allston Home for A.R.T. Approved

A 70,000 square-foot theater and teaching center, plus housing for Harvard affiliates

by Jonathan Shaw

Allston, Beyond the Groundbreaking

Harvard’s development CEO on the ERC and what comes next

by Jonathan Shaw

Breaking Ground in Allston

Building begins for the enterprise research campus.

by Jonathan Shaw

Enterprise Research Campus Underway

Construction will begin next week.

by Jonathan Shaw

Larry Bacow’s Parting Push

Allston, higher-education outreach, and free speech make for a busy conclusion to the twenty-ninth president’s Mass Hall tenure.

by John S. Rosenberg

Claudine Gay, President-Elect

Harvard announces its next president.

by John S. Rosenberg

Over the River Dept.

Cornhole at HBS, prayer and meditation at SEAS, minerologist’s meter, eclipse aficionado

by Primus VI

Harvard’s “Treehouse” in Allston

Unveiling a new conference center

by Jonathan Shaw

Allston Performing Arts Center Planned

The project will also include Harvard housing.

by Jonathan Shaw

Harvard Launches Science and Engineering Startup Program

The Grid will provide funding, mentoring, educational programming, and dedicated workspace to support startups from Harvard labs.  

by Jonathan Shaw