Erin O'Donnell

Preparing for the Energy Transition

Expect massive job losses in industries associated with fossil fuels. The time to get ready is now.

Using Cancer to Kill Cancer

A novel immunotherapy turns cancer against itself.

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

The healthiest plant-based diets are also best for the environment.

How Coupons Keep Drugs Costly

Pharmaceutical companies subsidize the cost of their drugs to keep prices high.

How the Brain Replays Actions During Sleep

Experiments using a neuroprosthetic reveal nocturnal motor neuron learning.

Why Aid Cuts Didn’t End Worker Shortages

Why cutting jobless aid during the pandemic didn’t send workers scrambling for work

How the Pandemic Killed the Uninfected

COVID-19’s toll on black patients extends to those who never got the virus.

Social Media Use and Adult Depression

A survey reveals suprising links between social media use and depression in adults.

Optimizing Public-School Spending

Home prices are a bellwether of efficient spending in local schools

Commuting’s Impact on Creativity

Long commutes harm productivity and innovation.

Making America Competitive Again

Can election reforms end the crippling gridlock in American politics?

The Third Way

Ellen Langer rejects binary thinking, embracing instead a “third way.”