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Taking the Lead

July-August 2002

Marion Coppelman Epstein
Photograph by Jim Harrison

Although rain washed out the traditional alumni parade, Marion Coppelman Epstein '24, of Boston, and Philip Keene '25, S.M. '40, of Middletown, Connecticut, the two oldest alumni present, were publicly honored and had seats of honor on the stage. They turn 100 within four days of each other in October. (John Heagan Eames '22, of Boothbay Harbor, Maine, who had led the parade for three years in a row, died in May.)

Philip Keene
Photograph by Jane Reed

According to the University's records at press time, the 10 oldest alumni are James George Jameson '22, 102, of Orlando, Florida; Charles Henry Warner '21, 102, of Berkeley, California; Evelyn Gerstein Garfield '22, 102, of Huntington, New York; Catriona Cole White '21, 102, of Farmington, Connecticut; Lillian E. Barclay '23, 101, of Boston; Helen Parker Jochum '22, 101 of Bloomfield, Connecticut; Sheridan Ashton Logan '23, 101, of Saint Joseph, Missouri; Margaret James MacDonald '23, 101, of Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland; Albert Hamilton Gordon '23, 101, of New York City; and Gertrude Reid Browne '23, 100, of Seattle.