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Selected Reunion and Travel Resources

November-December 2004

Thinking about a multigenerational family trip or reunion? Take a look at:



* Family Reunion Planning Kit for Dummies, by Cheryl Fall. A book and CD-ROM by a veteran reunion organizer.

* Family Reunion Sourcebook, by Edith Wagner, founder and editor of Reunions Magazine. Plans for various settings, from hotels to ranches to cruise ships.

* Family Reunion Survival Guide: How to Avoid Problems with Your Family without Avoiding Your Family, by Laurence A. Basirico. Advice on managing relationships during family reunions.

* Your Family Reunion: How to Plan It, Organize It, and Enjoy It, by George G. Morgan. Complete guide for planning reunions at home or on the road.



* Family Fun magazine ( Advice and detailed information on potential reunion destinations.

* Reunions Magazine ( Companion website to the print magazine includes links, information, and advice on every aspect of reunion planning.

* TravelSense ( A consumer-oriented site run by the American Society of Travel Agents that offers a wealth of advice on family and reunion trips.


Tour Operators/Travel Agencies

* Harvard Alumni Association Travel Study Programs, Cambridge, 800-422-1636,

Reunion on the Road

See also:

Four Tips for a Terrific Traveling Reunion

* Thomson Family Adventures, Watertown, Massachusetts, 800-252-6255,

* DTR Travel Inc., Centennial, Colorado, 800-815-8601,

* Rascals in Paradise, San Francisco, 415-921-7000,

* Sierra Club, San Francisco, 415-977-5522,