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Readers respond to articles on robots, final clubs, comparing campuses, and more.

An Invincible Spirit

President Faust writes about Harvardians’ tradition of military service.

Speaking Frankly, at West Point

How Harvard might discuss liberal-arts education more fruitfully

July-August 2016


The Plant Prospectors

Collecting expeditions race the anthropocene extinction to sample wild botanical diversity.

by Jonathan Shaw

Nathaniel Bowditch

Brief life of a mathematician and businessman: 1773-1839

by Tamara Plakins ...

The Outsiders’ Insider

Turning the Black List into a business, to modernize Hollywood’s dream machine

by Sophia Nguyen

Does Money Matter?

How super PACs actually shape U.S. presidential politics

by Idrees Kahloon

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Food Stamp Entrepreneurs

Welfare promotes entrepreneurship, finds HBS researcher Gareth Olds.

What Makes Teams Tick

A new study finds that the most successful research teams are grounded in a group identity.

Why Sex Succeeds

Sex preserves beneficial mutations, and allows harmful ones to be purged.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Scene 1, Take 2

Harvard goes Hollywood for Commencement, with sunny scenery, but sober talk.

Honoris Causa

The honorands of 2016

The Talk

Commencement oratory from Steven Spielberg, Drew Faust, and others

Laugh Lines

Speakers making funny at the 365th Commencement

Commencement Confetti

A multitalented student, political zingers, a retiring Commencement directors, final-club ribbing, and more

Academic Allston, At Last

Amid an Allston building boom, the first new academic ties between Harvard Business School and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The Art and Science of Class Scheduling

How to improve class scheduling—now, and when College classes cross the Charles River for the new engineering complex in Allston.

Dustin Tingley

Political scientist Dustin Tingley studies the politics of everyday life.

University People

Currier House chiefs, Harvard College Professors, top teachers, and more

Endowment Insights

Congressional inquiry reveals insights into Harvard's endowment-management costs, financial aid, and other schools' policies.

Yesterday's News

From the pages of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

News Briefs

Final-club sanctions, a new Corporation member, medical conflicts of interest, MIT capital campaign, and improving student writing


Slaves at Harvard, an early-childhood education initiative at HGSE, Air Force ROTC returns, climate change, the Extension School, and more

Whittling Down

Pre-Commencement, the Undergraduate assesses his unfinished works.

A Fast Start

First-years Ngozi Musa and Gabby Thomas help set the pace for track and field.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more


A ballet career, earned through college and cattle calls

Guilt-Free Childbirth

Strong words from a combatant in the childbirth wars

Brain Food

In Andrea Tsurumi's comics and illustrated work, life is observed and shown as absurd.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

With Seamus Heaney in Elysium

A new translation from the Aeneid

Chapter & Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

The Animals’ Kingdom

Debra White built the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary in Norton, Massachusetts.

Sweet Sweat

The benefits of sweating at a traditional Finnish sauna in Pembroke, Massachusetts

Cycling Sightseers

A taste of The Landscape Architect’s Guide to Boston.

Winslow Homer's Early Days

A mansion promotes artist Winslow Homer’s roots in Belmont, Massachusetts.

In with the New

Parsnip restaurant is a handsome replacement for Upstairs on the Square.

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Teach a Man to Fish

How Gloucester’s Russell Sherman got hooked

Harvard Medalists

For “extraordinary service to the University”

Cambridge Scholars

The four winners will begin study in the other Cambridge this fall.

The Senior Alumni

The oldest graduates at Commencement

Centennial Medalists

Honorands whose contributions to society emerged from graduate study

Election Results

Candidates nominated by the Harvard Alumni Association drew the most votes.

Tools for Change

An alumna’s novel approach to helping Kenyan tweens

The Comeback Kid

The post-Harvard hockey tales of Bill Keenan