Crimson on Capitol Hill: 116th

The Senate tilts red, the House blue for Harvard degree-program alumni or matriculants in the 116th Congress. The GOP roster now has eight senators (up two) and six representatives (down one); across the aisle are six senators (down one) and 32 representatives (up 3). Asterisks mark the newcomers.

Updated 12/18/18: Republican Martha McSally, M.P.P. ’90, the Arizona representative who lost a race for  Senator Jeff Flake’s seat in November, has been named to fill the Senate seat formerly held by John McCain. Her arrival raises the number of Harvard GOP affiliates in the Senate to nine (up three from the 115th Congress), and the total Harvard contingent in the House and Senate to 53.

Senate Republicans: *Michael Braun, M.B.A. ’78 (Ind.); Tom Cotton ’99, J.D. ’02 (Ark.); Michael D. Crapo, J.D. ’77 (Id.); Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, J.D. ’95 (Tex.); *Martha McSally, M.P.P. ’90 (Ariz.); *Mitt Romney, J.D.-M.B.A. ’75 (Utah); Ben Sasse ’94 (Neb.); Daniel S. Sullivan ’87 (Alas.); Pat Toomey ’84 (Pa.)

Senate Democrats: Richard Blumenthal ’67 (Conn.); Timothy M. Kaine, J.D. ’83 (Va.); John F. (Jack) Reed, M.P.P. ’73, J.D. ’82 (R.I.); Charles E. Schumer ’71, J.D. ’74 (N.Y.); Christopher Van Hollen Jr., M.P.P. ’85 (Md.); Mark R. Warner, J.D. ’80 (Va.)

House Republicans: *Dan Crenshaw, M.P.A. ’17; Brian Mast, A.L.B. ’16 (Fla.); John Moolenaar, M.P.A. ’89 (Mich.); Elise Stefanik ’06 (N.Y.); *Van Taylor ’96, M.B.A. ’01 (Tex.); *Steve Watkins, M.P.A. ’17 (Kan.)

House Democrats: Brendan Boyle, M.P.P. ’05 (Pa.); Anthony G. Brown ’84 (Md.); Joaquin Castro, J.D. ’00 (Tex.); Katherine Clark, M.P.A. ’97 (Mass); Gerry Connolly, M.P.A. ’79 (Va.); James H. Cooper, J.D. ’80 (Tenn.); *Antonio Delgado, J.D. ’05 (N.Y.); Bill Foster, Ph.D. ’83 (Ill.); Ruben Gallego ’02/’04 (Ariz.); John Garamendi, M.B.A. ’70 (Calif.); Josh Gottheimer, J.D. ’04 (N.J.); *Josh Harder, M.B.A.-M.P.P. ’14 (Calif.); Brian Higgins, M.P.A. ’96 (N.Y.); Jim Himes ’88 (Conn.); Joseph P. Kennedy III, J.D. ’09 (Mass); Ron Kind ’85 (Wisc.); Raja Krishnamoorthi, J.D. ’00 (Ill.); James R. Langevin, M.P.A. ’94 (R.I.); *Andy Levin, J.D. ’94 (Mich.); Stephen F. Lynch, M.P.A. ’99 (Mass.); Seth Moulton ’01, M.B.A.-M.P.A. ’11 (Mass.); *Chris Pappas ’02 (N.H.); *Katie Porter, J.D. ’01 (Calif.); Jamie Raskin ’83, J.D. ’87 (Md.); Raul Ruiz, M.D.-M.P.P. ’01, M.P.H. ’07 (Calif); John P. Sarbanes, J.D. ’88 (Md.); Adam B. Schiff, J.D. ’85 (Calif.); Robert C. Scott ’69 (Va.); Terri Sewell, J.D. ’92 (Ala.); Bradley J. Sherman, J.D. ’79 (Calif.); Mark Takano ’83 (Calif.); Juan C. Vargas, J.D. ’91 (Calif.)

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