On the cover: Daniela Lamas. Photograph by Stu Rosner


Cambridge 02138

Letters on admissions, academic presses, the solicitor general, and more


President Larry Bacow on Truth

What Legacy?

Affirmative action, donor and staff preferences, and other Harvard College admissions challenges

With Our Thanks

With appreciation to two Harvard Magazine artists

January-February 2019

On the cover: Daniela Lamas. Photograph by Stu Rosner


What It Means to Be OK

Daniela Lamas and the practice of post-ICU care

by Lydialyle Gibson

Ulysses S. Grant

Brief history of the image of a hero: 1822-1885

by Elizabeth D. Samet

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Ethics and the dawn of decision-making machines

by Jonathan Shaw

Native Modern

Philip Deloria studies American Indians and the contradictions that made America.

by Marina N. Bolotnikova

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

The Innovation Engine

Economist William Kerr argues for streamlining immigration to attract high-skilled talent from abroad.

The Teddy Bear Effect

Cherubic features benefit black male CEOs, but not other groups, underscoring the complexity of social disadvantage.

People Who Don’t Get AIDS

The immune systems of “elite controllers” point to HIV’s vulnerabilities.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Arts Arrive in Allston

Alongside a huge applied-sciences center, a toehold for art-making

Admissions on Trial

The lawsuit that could determine the fate of affirmative action

Harvard Portrait: Ruth Okediji

A Nigerian-born professor who brings unusual perspective to intellectual-property law

Accelerating Medical Research

A $200-million gift from the Blavatnik Family Foundation paves the way.

Surplus Surprise…and the Endowment’s Evolution

A survey of the University’s annual financial report

FAS: Faculty and Fisc

A growing, and more scientific, professoriate and a budget breakthrough

Yesterday’s News

When the Law School made thin ice…and other headlines from Harvard’s history

University People

National Academy and NIH notables, and a pioneering Crimson leader

Engaging Radcliffe with the World

New Radcliffe dean Tomiko Brown-Nagin has a blueprint for action.

News Briefs

Policing and students, Title IX changes, and public opinion toward higher education


Harvard design dean departs and other news

Who Belongs at Harvard?

The Undergraduate considers the composition of Harvard College.

Finishing with a Flourish

A resilient, crowd-pleasing football season, with talented sophomores surfacing

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Grace Notes

Why the vineyards of New York called Kelby Russell home

Glorious “Genji”

A magnificent set of images, published—and exhibited

Artistic Capital

In Liz Glynn’s massive installations, big questions about the meaning of value

Chapter and Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

“Here and Then Gone”

Bess Wohl writes plays from an actor’s perspective.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Uses—and Abuses—of Austerity

Economists revisit an unsettled economic policy.

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

“Beyond Lobsters and Lighthouses”

Enjoying Portland, Maine, in the “off-season”

Remembering: Information as Art

“Cecilia Vicuña: Disappeared Quipu,” at the MFA

Bedding Down in Early America

A Wadsworth Atheneum and Museum exhibit reveals how we once slept.

Sliding Down the Slopes

Best snow-tubing spots around Greater Boston

The Perfect Storm

Why Resolutions Work Best in Winter

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Once Again, with Feeling

A cellist and conservatory teacher who has never stopped learning

Crimson on Capitol Hill: 116th

Degree-program affiliates now number 53, with 15 in the Senate and 38 in the House.