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A man in a wetsuit helps an astronaut out of an Apollo capsule floating in the ocean

Navy SEAL Jonathan Smart (left) helps astronaut Harrison Schmitt out of the Apollo 17 capsule after it splash-landed in the Pacific Ocean.

Photograph courtesy of NASA


Two Harvard alumni recall a return from the last human moonwalk.


Honoring the providers of exemplary service and exceptional programming

November-December 2022

Photo of Allyson Mendenhall outside

Allyson Mendenhall

Photograph by Jim Harrison

New Harvard Alumni Association president Allyson Mendenhall

September-October 2022

Avarita L. Hanson, William F. Lee, Dwight D. Miller, Tom Reardon

Top, Avarita L. Hanson and William F. Lee; bottom, Dwight D. Miller and Tom Reardon 

Headshots courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association; background photograph by Jennifer Beaumont/Harvard Magazine; montage by Niko Yaitanes/Harvard Magazine

Four alumni honored for extraordinary service to the University


The Board of Overseers and Alumni Association elected director slates

May-June 2022

Portrait of Alumni Association executive director Philip W. Lovejoy

Photograph by Will Halsey/Courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association

Philip Lovejoy to retire as Harvard Alumni Association executive director

May-June 2022