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Photograph of a pet hamster, dyed Yale blue, for a humor piece about Yale admissions

Photograph by iStock


Richard Lewontin, Richard Zeckhauser, diplomatic security, diverse inclusion, and admissions agita lampooned


Portrait photograph of Sidney Verba

Sidney Verba

Photograph by Justin Ide/HPAC

Harvard’s mensch, and a record-setting recorder of Crimson lives

July-August 2021

Photograph of Commencement guest speaker Ruth J. Simmons

Ruth J. Simmons, the guest speaker
Screenshot by Harvard Magazine

The Morning Exercises—further adapted for the era of COVID and streaming—come with strong messages about racial justice.


University Hall

University Hall, home to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences offices, where faculty meetings are held

Photograph by Bostonian13/Wikipedia.


Honors teaching excellence, and the memory of Nathan Glazer, in last regular meeting of the academic year


Photograph of Harvard economist Martin Feldstein

Martin S. Feldstein

Photograph by Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Wisdom from the Great Depression—plus an accomplished economist, and rowdiness on the Charles

May-June 2021

Drawing of a female mallard flying down to her nest on a Harvard rooftop with food for her seven ducklings, each bearing a letter on its chest spelling out H-A-R-V-A-R-D.

Illustration by Mark Steele

Headlines from Harvard’s history

May-June 2021

Photograph of architect H.H. Richardson’s house

Photograph courtesy of the Brookline Preservation Commission

Classy masks, dapper archaeologist, saving H.H. Richardson’s house

March-April 2021

A man runs around the perimeter of Harvard Stadium

David Melly rounds Harvard Stadium. Running the loop counterclockwise, he acknowledges, is controversial.

Photograph by Molly Malone

A legendary route’s disputed distance

March-April 2021

Mark Steele illustration of Lowell House’s bells being rung for the first time by a giant hand stretching from a cloud to swing the detached belfry.

Illustration by Mark Steele

Headlines from Harvard’s history

March-April 2021