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Photograph of entrance to Loeb House, where Harvard governing boards convene

Loeb House, where the governing boards convene 

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/ Caroline Culler


Responses to Harvard Magazine’s questionnaire about the University’s challenges and opportunities—and Overseers’ role in leading the institution forward


Photograph of Emma Dench, dean of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Emma Dench, dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Photograph coutresy of Harvard University

Harvard continues to change with the coronavirus.


Portrait of Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow

Lawrence S. Bacow

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

President Bacow remains positive despite the pandemic.


Photograph of Harvard Science Center tent where arriving first-year College students began virus-testing procedures

This fall’s welcome to Harvard Yard began with PPE-equipped greeters, virus testing, and pre-isolation meal kits.

Photograph by Kristina DeMichele/Harvard Magazine

A semester conducted in the shadow of the coronavirus

November-December 2020

An illustration showing a teacher sitting on an enormous open book with students on screens hovering around her, some raising their hands to ask questions

Illustration by Daniel Baxter

Students, faculty, and staff adjust to a changed landscape.

November-December 2020

hotograph of demonstrators in front of the federal courthouse in Boston where the SFFA v. Harvard trial took place, with signs reading "Harvard No More Racial Stereotyping" and "My Race Should Not Hurt Me In Admissions.

In October 2018, supporters of Students for Fair Admissions hold signs in front of the federal courthouse where the admissions trial took place.

Photograph by Alamy Images

Appellate arguments are heard in a closely watched admissions case. 


Photo of Harvard College dean Rakesh Khurana in shirtsleeves

Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana
Screenshot captured by Harvard Magazine

A virtual Convocation for the College class of 2024


Sheree Ohen

Sheree Ohen

Sheree Ohen appointed as inaugural associate dean


Claudine Gay

Claudine Gay, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Changes include a new dean, added faculty.