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An acute casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic



Photograph of the author's Harvard dorm room with chairs, sofa, posters

Photograph by Drew Pendergrass

“What will it mean to end our time on this campus with no closure, no time to reflect on what it all meant?”


Harvard University shield

Students transition to online learning—perhaps for the rest of the semester—and are asked not to return after spring break.


Elizabeth Banks looks at the camera as she rides in a convertible with two members of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

Elizabeth Banks smiled and waved to the crowd along the parade route.
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/KD

Elizabeth Banks and Ben Platt received this year’s honors.


Four young women of different ethnic backgrounds converse in a homey lounge

Illustration by Bodil Jane/Folio Art

The Undergraduate writes about the Harvard Women’s Center.

March-April 2020

Photograph of Caroline Tervo

Caroline Tervo ’18 researched North Carolina politics—at the local craft brewery, at Olive Garden, and at IHOP.
Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Undergraduates contribute to a new book on grass-roots organizing at the center of American politics.

March-April 2020

Photograph of Alan Jenkins

Alan Jenkins
Photograph by Jim Harrison

A brief look at a Harvard Law School professor's long journey

March-April 2020

Six women sit at a table at the front of an auditorium.

From left: Co-panelists Nienke Grossman '99, J.D.'04, Terry Karl, Suzanna Challen, Ph.D.'11, Charna Sherman '80, Sejal Singh, and Debra Katz  Photograph by Harvard Magazine/LG

Accusers of former Harvard government professor Jorge Domínguez speak out about their experiences. 


Statue of John Harvard

Statue of John Harvard
Photograph by Ericodeg/

The College has admitted 13.9 percent of early-action applicants to the class of 2024, up slightly from 13.4 percent admitted from that pool last year.