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Articles: Arts

William Tamplin in his Marine Corps dress blues uniform

Translator William Tamplin joined the Marine Corps earlier this year. 

Photograph courtesy of William Tamplin


William Tamplin, Ph.D. ’20,  on the lyricism and secrecy of an Arabic literary pioneer 


colorful painting detailing birch trees

Birches Over Pine (1966)

Painting courtesy of the Shelburne Museum

 Exhibit at Vermont's Shelburne Museum offers beauty and vitality

September-October 2022

David Andersson standing among his colorful painted portraits

David Andersson among his colorful painted portraits

Photograph courtesy of David Andersson

David Andersson’s quest to reshape the public realm

September-October 2022

A black and white cartoon shows a computer-user, with Earth’s globe for a head, stares into a screen, while spiders labeled “hate,” “misinformation,” “fear,” and “lies” crawl across his body, wrapping him in their webs.

Kallaugher’s “Dark Web” (2021), published in The Economist

Cartoon by Kal Kallaugher

Kevin Kallaugher on the art of editorial cartooning

September-October 2022

Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the Holodomor Memorial

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, at Field of Wheat, a Holodomor Memorial in Washington, D.C., in September 2021. 

Photograph courtesy of Larysa Kurylas

A Harvard graduate’s design of the newly relevant Holodomor Memorial in Washington, D.C.


Cruising on the schooner Argia 

Photograph courtesy of Argia Mystic Cruises

Visiting Mystic, Connecticut

July-August 2022

Abstract image of swirls and darts in browns, reds, and grays

Helio-Centric III, 1993

Painting ©Mildred Thompson/Courtesy of the New Britain Museum of American Art

Mildred Thompson's abstract vision

July-August 2022

Landscape painting of wide sky and golden field with trees in the distance

Crow’s Nest (1984), by Lanford Monroe

Images courtesy of the Museum of American Bird Art/Mass Audubon

A Concord Museum and Mass Audubon exhibit on William Brewster celebrates a new wildlife sanctuary 

July-August 2022

The seven 2022 Harvard Horzions scholars

The 2022 Harvard Horzions scholars

Photograph courtesy of Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. students discuss subjects from aliens to infrastructural aesthetics.