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Black and white photo of a group of Vietnamese children, titled “Schoolchildren Playing Cards”

In college, Mark Erickson returned to his birthplace, capturing his experience in photographs such as those shown here, all taken in Hanoi. This is “Schoolchildren Playing Cards.”

Photograph by and courtesy of Mark Erickson


Photographer Mark Erickson on the Vietnam he never knew


Majestic twentieth-century stone castle perched on Gloucester coastline

At first glance, Hammond’s Gloucester home could be mistaken for a transplanted European castle.

Photograph by Lovely Valentine Photography/Courtesy of Hammond Castle

Gothic surroundings, spiritualism, and science: Hammond Castle Museum’s eclectic appeal

November-December 2020

Photograph of Edo era fan depicting Mount Fuji and Mount Tsukuba on alternate sides

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Art Museums/Promised gift of Robert S. and Betsy G. Feinberg

This folding fan enfolds two sacred mountains.

November-December 2020

Groovy clocks from The Glass House

Photograph courtesy of The Glass House

Holiday gifts that support the arts

November-December 2020

Outdoors at Boston's Armenian Heritage Park

Armenian Heritage Park

Photograph by Yerevanci/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Scavenger-hunting in historic Boston

November-December 2020

Claude Monet's painting of clouds, fields, and poplars

Meadow with Poplars (circa 1875)

Claude Monet/Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts

Winter exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts

November-December 2020

Detail of a handwritten page from suffragist Susan B. Anthony’s journal, used as an example of the kinds of manuscripts volunteers are transcribing for Harvard libraries and archives.

Suffragist Susan B. Anthony’s journal displays handwriting much finer than that in many manuscripts. Who did the underlining is unknown.

Detail from: A-143, folder 8, p. 2. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute

Volunteer transcribers help make Harvard library documents accessible.

November-December 2020

A framed drawing titled Accompanied: Two Views of the Sea, 2017-2020, by Marilyn Pappas and Jill Slosburg-Ackerman.

Accompanied: Two Views of the Sea, 2017-2020, by Marilyn Pappas and Jill Slosburg-Ackerman.
Photograph by Julia Featheringill.

A Radcliffe exhibition explores a lifetime of artwork and female friendship


James Cuno

James Cuno, president of the Getty Trust, draws on his Harvard Art Museums experience in responding to the pandemic.

Photograph courtesy of the Getty Center

Pandemic perspectives from the Getty and the Harvard Art Museums—and art’s role in refreshing “the dialogue with other human beings”