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Reginald Dwayne Betts seated in front of a black background

Reginald Dwayne Betts performs Felon: A play; A discourse during a virtual lecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Screenshot by Harvard Magazine 


Poet and lawyer—and MacArthur “genius”—Reginald Dwayne Betts on art and imprisonment


Horace D. Ballard

Horace D. Ballard
Photograph by Jeneene Chatowsky

Horace D. Ballard will direct American art collections at the museums.


Painting of masted ships on the ocean

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(1 of 3) Ship America on the Grand Banks, circa 1800, by Michele Felice Cornè

©2014 Peabody Essex Museum

From oceanic voyages to romping in the waves, a new exhibit explores relationships to water.

July-August 2021

Aerial view of historic downtown New Bedford buildings

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(1 of 3) An aerial view of downtown New Bedford highlights historic buildings, which include the New Bedford Whaling Museum, and its cupola. 

Dennis Tangney Jr./Istock

Exploring the coastal fishing hub’s history, architecture, parks, and arts scene

July-August 2021

The front and back of a die-cut trade card shaped like a donkey that was used to advertise coffee. When the card is flipped over, the viewer can see that there is a boy riding on the donkey's back.

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Trade cards courtesy of the Baker Library Historical Collections/Harvard Business School

A nineteenth-century advertising medium traces the rise of consumer culture.

July-August 2021

The painting “Love Potion” features two lovers craning toward each other in a boat on roiling ocean waters.

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The evocative Love Potion

Image courtesy of Alexander Gassel and the Museum of Russian Icons

A blend of Russian Orthodox iconography and mythical motifs

May-June 2021

Wide view of formal gardens with a historic mansion in the background

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(1 of 5) Highfield Hall and the sunken garden

Photograph by Tom Croke/Alamy stock photo

The renewed community life of a grand Cape Cod estate

May-June 2021

Photo of red, white, and orange Houston Astros jersey from 1983 worn by pitcher Joe Niekro

A 1983 Houston Astros jersey worn by pitcher Joe Niekro

Courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum/Milo Stewart Jr. B-50-83 

The Worcester Art Museum spotlights baseball garb.

May-June 2021

a hat made of jaguar pelt

Hat courtesy of the Houghton Library. Photograph by Jim Harrison

Two explorers strip to stay aloft.

May-June 2021