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The author and two friends smiling in Holden Chapel together after her performance

The author (center) celebrates after her recital performance in Holden Chapel with friends Kelsey Ichikawa ’20 (left) and Stephanie Tang ’20. 

Photograph courtesy of Julie Chung


A Harvard singing class that's about more than music


empty basketball court


Photograph by Unsplash/edited by Harvard Magazine

An athlete contends with injury and identity.


illustration showing multiple hands dismantling a rifle

Illustration by Nicolas Ogonosky

Coming of age in an era of gun violence

September-October 2022

Portrait of Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow

President Lawrence S. Bacow

The extraordinary promise of Harvard’s libraries

September-October 2022

Aerial photograph of Allston, site of Harvard’s commercial enterprise campus

The commercial "enterprise research campus" will begin rising on the gray parcel at the center, above—but Harvard's broader strategy is not widley known.
Image from Google Earth

The Corporation’s role in communicating University strategies—and the magazine’s 125th

September-October 2022

That COVID cover, fracking, Radcliffe's welcome

September-October 2022

The illustration shows an empty rowboat floating away and a woman wading toward it, in chest-high water.

Illustration by Barbara Dekesyer

Coming to terms with personal and pandemic grief

July-August 2022

Thinking about how Harvard conducts admissions, as the Supreme Court prepares to weigh in

July-August 2022

Imposter syndrome, AI and authoritarianism, shopping week

July-August 2022