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Letters from our readers

May-June 2010


Gutenberg 2.0

Harvard’s libraries deal with disruptive change.

by Jonathan Shaw

The Pay Problem

Time for a new paradigm for executive compensation

by Jay Lorsch , Rakesh Khurana

Masauko Chipembere

Brief life of a pioneering African nationalist: 1930-1975


Exploring the weblike structures that underlie everything from friendship to cellular behavior

by Elizabeth Gudrais

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

The Gravity of Glacial Melt

Deciphering sea levels

Secret Ballots, Verifiable Votes

The online voting system Helios offers a prototype for transparency and security in elections.

History Quantified

Applying "natural experiments" to the study of history

John Harvard's Journal University news

The Law School’s Northwest Corner Shapes Up

The building’s façade is now visible.

Global Reach

A new center in Shanghai reflects Harvard’s growing engagement with the People’s Republic.

Vincent Brown

The professor of African and African American studies uses multiple media to study slavery.

Self Improvement

On University governance and management

Yesterday's News

Headlines from Harvard history


Short takes on recent Harvard news

I Saw You…Standing There

Anonymous voices from the lonely Harvard crowd

Game, Match, and High Set

The Harvard men’s tennis team is profiting from a new approach to movement on the court.

Sports Wrap

High honors in squash and wrestling

The Mystique of Red Top

Nearly everything about the Harvard-Yale regatta is unique.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Highbrow Lingerie

Fashion designer Laura Mehlinger draws on inspirations ranging from Vladimer Nabokow to Prince.

Chapter and Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

The Green-Pea Memo

Poking fun “at the academic-bureaucratic mentality of university life”

Skyscraper as Symbol

In Tall Building: Imagining the Skyscraper, Scott Johnson explores the semiotics of these urban giants.

A Cautionary Tale

David Warsh reviews Robert J. Samuelson's The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath

New Ancient Sculpture

Sculptor James Dinerstein’s works in concrete and bronze fuse ancient forms with modern abstraction.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Seeing the Forest for Its Trees

An alumna works to sustain commerce and conservation

Cast Your Vote

Candidates for Overseer and Harvard Alumni Association director

Comings and Goings

A sampler of Harvard club speakers this spring

Public Service on the Map

A new University website aims to promote public service by Harvard affiliates around the globe.

Sharing Life, and a Lifetime of Causes

Political activists Staughton and Alice (Niles) Lynd have written a memoir about marriage and social commitment.

"Mr. Clean Vegetables John"

John Berlow works to promote safe, sustainable agriculture in Vietnam.

The SIGnboard

News from Shared Interest Groups

Author's Query

David Allyn, Ph.D. ’96, is looking for est graduates to interview for an academic article.