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Head and torso of a man painted by Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

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(1of 4) Details from The Sistine Chapel: Michelangelo’s ceiling

Photograph © Vatican Museum


Nicholas Callaway publishes the Sistine Chapel in closeup.


Several Harvard Computers and Radcliffe students pose for a photograph together, seated at desks and sitting on the floor

Harvard Computers and Radcliffe students in 1925
Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Library Archives 

Alumni scientist-filmmakers bring the Harvard Computers’ story to the screen.


The main atrium in Harvard's new Science and Engineering Complex

Healthy building materials are a hallmark of the interiors in Harvard's new Science and Engineering Complex in Allston.

Photograph by Jonathan Shaw/Harvard Magazine. 

Harvard leveraged construction of its new Science and Engineering Complex to remove harmful chemicals from building-materials supply chains.


Proposed massing and configuration of new buildings on Harvard's enterprise research campus

Harvard development partner Tishman Speyer’s proposed massing and configuration of buildings for the first phase of construction on the Enterprise Research Campus in Allston.

From Tishman Speyer's Project Notification Form filing. 

Tishman Speyer details the first phase of the “enterprise research campus”—and points to a doubling of the project’s ultimate size.


In a still from "The Painter and the Thief," the male thief watches the female artist at work.

A still from The Painter and the Thief
From the film

A short list of fine 
documentaries and feature films 


A collage of emblematic figures in American history set against the Stars and Stripes

Illustration by Alex Williamson.

In a new book, Louis Menand probes the cultural currents of postwar America.

March-April 2021

Solomon Gate in an open position.

Solomon Gate in its typical open position


At Houghton and Lamont libraries, a creative new entry into the Yard

March-April 2021

Stephen Gray stands on city sidewalk with street car passing by on right

Photograph by Aaron Conway/aaconn studio

Back in his hometown: Stephen Gray in downtown Cincinnati

Stephen Gray pioneers equitable urban design.

March-April 2021

Purple spruce cones

Photograph by William (Ned) Friedman

Re-engaging with nature alongside the director of the Arnold Arboretum

March-April 2021