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A collection of abstract geometric paintings hang above a white couch

Seligson’s “gallery” above her sofa at home

Photograph courtesy of Judith Seligson


Painter Judith Seligson’s creative juxtapositions


The proposed performing arts center, as seen from across North Harvard Street.

The proposed performing arts center, as seen from across North Harvard Street.

Courtesy of Harvard University

The project will also include Harvard housing.


liriodendron tulipifera of Eastern North America and liriodendron chinense of Eastern Asia

Tulip trees of Eastern North America and Eastern Asia, which last shared a common ancestor 14 million years ago.

Photographs by William (Ned) Freedman

Exploring the “plant humanities” at Harvard’s Dumbarton Oaks


painting of twins asleep on a NYC subway, nestled against their caregiver

Twins (Subway), 2018, by Jordan Casteel

Courtesy of the artist and Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York. © Jordan Casteel

A new exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston

November-December 2022

glass and steel addition to a traditional brick building that houses the Mattatuck Museum

The Mattatuck Museum, newly renovated, offers a more welcoming entrance to visitors 

Photograph courtesy of the Mattatuck Museum

Connecticut’s Mattatuck Museum

November-December 2022

wintry scene of downtown Vermont's pedestrian shopping zone

Downtown’s snowy pedestrian mall

Photograph by LEXPIX/iStock images

Exploring Burlington, Vermont

November-December 2022

Tempera portrait of Egyptian woman

Click on arrow to view full image

Image courtesy of the Harvard Art Museums/©President and Fellows of Harvard College

Harvard Art Museums’ exhibit uncovers paintings’ mysterious origins.

November-December 2022

Portrait of John Kenneth Galbraith

DeLong’s analysis resembles John Kenneth Galbraith’s (shown 1965) critique of the “affluent society.”

Photograph by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

A sweeping history of society and the economy in the twentieth century

November-December 2022

Portrait of Kapwani Kiwanga

Kapwani Kiwanga

Photograph ©Bertille Chéret

Installation artist Kapwani Kiwanga on power, resistance, and plants

November-December 2022