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Featuring our Summer Reading List with books by Harvard alumni, faculty and staff authors.


Philip J. Deloria

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Philip Deloria studies American Indians and the contradictions that made America.

January-February 2019

A boat cast adrift: visualizing the text, “Though the orange tree isle / Remain fast in its color, / ’Tis not such change, / But this drifting boat’s whither / That is beyond all knowing.”

Image courtesy of the Harvard Art Museums Imaging Department ©President and Fellows of Harvard College

A magnificent set of images, published—and exhibited

January-February 2019

Liz Glynn

Photograph by Evelena Ruether/Liz Glynn Studio

In Liz Glynn’s massive installations, big questions about the meaning of value

January-February 2019

(Click on arrow at right to see a gallery of images.) The stained-glass image of the juggler, commissioned for the exhibition, from Atelier Miller, at the entry to Dumbarton Oaks

Image courtesy of Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection

“Juggling” literary history at Dumbarton Oaks


The Harvard Ceramics Program show and sale draws about 4,000 people.

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Ceramics Program

Boston’s open studios, holiday craft fairs, and more

November-December 2018

Lawrence S. Bacow and Adele Fleet Bacow, stage center at Sanders Theatre, congratulate, thank, and celebrate the performers at the Thursday evening inaugural concert and performances.

Photograph by JSR/Harvard Magazine

Students, faculty members, and visiting artists perform music, song, drama, and even a work of visual art in real time.


(Click to see full image) “Stop Police Killings, Selma, 1965,” by Steve Schapiro
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Richard and Ronay Menschel Fund for the Aquisition of Photographs. 2018.115

A fresh look at the writer’s work and influences


Every human-powered vehicle must stand the test of traveling on asphalt, through mud, and into the Merrimack River.

Photograph by Lucinana Calvin/Courtesy of the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race

Watch human-powered machines prevail—or not—in Lowell.

September-October 2018