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Paul Lee (left) holds the Little Red Flag replica in 2012. Also shown (clockwise from top left) are Spencer Ervin, Jeffrey Lee, and Stephen Goodhue.

Paul Lee ’46 holds the replica Little Red Flag in this 2012 photograph. Surrounding him (clockwise from upper left) are Spencer Ervin ’54, Jeffrey Lee ’74, and Stephen Goodhue ’51.

Photograph courtesy of Judy Goodhue


Who’ll carry the traditionalists’ Little Red Flag?


(Click on arrow at right to see a gallery of images.)  President Bacow delivers his inaugural address.

Photograph by Jim Harrison

The University’s new leader focuses on challenges to higher education in America.

November-December 2018

Joshuah Brian Campbell ’16 serenades a boogieing President Drew Faust at her pre-retirement party in Sanders Theatre.

Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Spiders and ties, “Fair Harvard” encore, and Faust’s farewell

September-October 2018

(Click arrow to see full image) The Game, 1911, ending in a less glamorous tie score than in the 1968 version

Photograph courtesy of the Library of Congress

Boosting the game, and The Game

September-October 2018

Illustration by Taylor Callery

The “Tenth Justice” and the polarization of the Supreme Court

September-October 2018

Students at the Graduate School of Design created the lion’s share of posters used by student activists in 1969.

Poster courtesy of the Harvard University Archives

An exhibit on Harvard in 1969 opens at Pusey Library this fall.

September-October 2018

Illustration by Mark Steele

Headlines from Harvard’s history

September-October 2018

Photograph courtesy of The United Kingdom Government/Public Domain

The seventy-fifth anniversary of Winston Churchill’s honorary-degree speech


Photograph of gymsuit by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe Institute

Lest young ladies’ “tides” be deranged

July-August 2018