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Ethics education, silhouettes, missing football fans, the Sixties, and more

On Public Service

A letter from President Faust

Pay—and Performance?

A letter from the editor: assessing Harvard Management Company

January-February 2015


The Legal Olympian

Cass Sunstein and the modern regulatory state

by Lincoln Caplan

Keeping Women Safe

Addressing the root causes of violence against women in South Asia

by Rohini Pande

Vita: Edward Everett Hale

Brief life of a science-minded writer and reformer: 1822-1909


The “Wild West” of Academic Publishing

The troubled present and promising future of scholarly communication

by Craig Lambert

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Choosing Confidants

Barbers, bartenders, and beauticians are as privy to our secrets as are family and friends.

Thinking Conceptually

Studying the role of “executive function” in learning, in minds young and old

Company Size Matters

Small companies innovate better, but in the energy field, large firms may lead.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Lighting Up Mount Auburn Street

Another art museum opens—this one, a gallery for African and African-American Art.

Balanced Budget, Benefits Battle

A University financial surplus, but tensions over reductions in employee health benefits

Harvard Portrait: Peter Suber

The open-access proponent works to increase the flow of scholarly information.

Architecture as Liberal Art

Design becomes a hands-on “study of culture itself” in the undergraduate architecture studies track.

Yesterday’s News

From the pages of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

Sustainability Steps

As debates continue over divestment, Harvard events highlight progress on campus sustainability and climate research.

The Campaign Computes

Funding medical research and education, Steve Ballmer boosts computer-science expansion, and arts and teacher-training initiatives

And Having Written...

A senior magazine colleague moves on, and new members of the editorial staff

Honor Roll

Writers and artists who made special contributions to the magazine in 2014

Taking Attendance

An experiment in monitoring students’ engagements with lectures runs afoul of faculty concerns about the sanctity of classrooms.


Departing government and engineering deans, Rhodes and Marshall Scholars, Crimson-Eli computer-science course, and more

An Undergraduate Life in the Theater

An insider’s take on a major extracurricular interest

Just Perfect

A thrilling end to The Game caps a championship season.

Escape Artist

Wrestler Todd Preston wins—from the bottom up.

Hoop Hopes

Will Harvard men’s basketball live up to its pre-season billing?

Read All About It

Harvard sports stalwarts from 1963 to 2012 are celebrated in The Third H Book of Harvard Athletics

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Wood into Art

Anthony Giachetti’s furniture is both functional and timeless.

Open Book: Rough Road for Capitalism

A critique of the neoliberal economy

Divertimentos and Democracy

A Far Cry plays con spirito—and without a baton.

A Love Affair with Haiti

Amy Wilentz on her “touchstone and central obsession”

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Let the Sonnets Be Unbroken

Neil Rudenstine guides readers through Shakespeare’s lyric masterpiece.

Chapter & Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

Preserving Heirs and Airs

Boston’s history glimpsed through one eccentric’s home

Circus Art

RISD museum celebrates the circus.

Sweet and Spicy

Moroccan Hospitality lives up to its name.

A Delicate Power

Dancer Shantala Shivalingappa embodies Hindu gods at Boston’s ICA.

A World of Food

The Cambridge Winter Farmers’ Market opens for a fourth season.

Images That Speak

The Griffin Museum of Photography’s winter exhibits

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Talent Behind the Wheel

A Harvard summa aims for NASCAR.

(Club) House Renew

The Harvard Club of Boston undergoes renovations.

A Poet’s Return

For Joan Naviyuk Kane ’00, an abandoned island is a potent creative source.

Crimson on Capitol Hill: 114th [Updated]

Harvard’s GOP contingent expands in the new Congress.

LSD Testing in the 1950s

A researcher hopes to contact volunteer participants in “truth sera” experiments.

The SIGnboard: SIG Snapshot

Harvard Latin American Alumni and Friends

The Classes

Harvard alumni may sign in to view class notes and obituaries.