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Letters on President Bacow, the solicitor general, Facebook, and more

At the Core

Matching Harvard’s money to its mission

November-December 2018


The Bits the Bible Left Out

Karen King studies texts from Christianity’s first centuries to reinterpret the history of the early church.

by Lydialyle Gibson

Millicent Todd Bingham

Brief life of an unlikely Dickinson scholar

by Julie Dobrow

The Cell’s Power Plant

Probing the mysteries of mitochondria, Vamsi Mootha discovers new ways to understand metabolic disease.

by Jonathan Shaw

The Juggler’s Tale

A Dumbarton Oaks exhibition connects “an enchanted past” to the human condition.

by Sophia Nguyen

The Players

How the Crimson squad from the immortal ’68 Game revealed a transforming Harvard

by George Howe Colt

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

A Language of Behavior?

Sandeep Datta says the brain composes behavior from pre-existing “syllables.”

Gut Flora Fix for Fitness?

Altering one gene in a gut microbe transforms metabolism.

Diversity and Diminishing Tax Revenues

Can public goods survive white flight?

John Harvard's Journal University news

Larry 29

The University’s new leader focuses on challenges to higher education in America.

Harvard Hubs

Smith Campus Center, Klarman Hall debut.

Khalil Abdur-Rashid

The University’s Muslim chaplain

Money Matters

The bottom line on the endowment

The Campaign, Concluded

Harvard’s $9.62-billion fund drive

News Briefs

Admissions litigation, sexual assault, humanities losses, endowment taxes

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard’s history


New development director, online degrees, leadership leaders, and more

Taking a Page from Knopf

Harvard University Press director George Andreou on the future of academic publishing

Language Learner

The Undergraduate considers study abroad.

A Hard Road

The early season holds no easy wins for Harvard football.

Striking Distance

Ranked first in the world, fencer Eli Dersh­witz looks to the 2020 Olympics.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Darkness Visible

Opera director Sarah Meyers doesn’t want you to notice everything.

Medicine Minus Mythmaking

Two Harvard doctors on William Carlos Williams

Coming Apart Together

The propulsive intensity of Shane McCrae’s poetry

The Weight of Scale

Questions about how societies conceptualize, perceive, and interpret scale.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

The Devil and Philip Johnson

A “star-chitect” as P.T. Barnum

Chapter & Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

Creative Gifts

Boston’s open studios, holiday craft fairs, and more

Twyla Tharp: “Minimalism and Me”

A retrospective show at Boston’s ICA 

Winter’s Bright Spots

Winterlights and scavenger hunts at the historic Stevens-Coolidge Place

Photography in Baldwin’s Era

Eighteen photographers capture the 1930s through the 1980s.

Be Present: Experiential Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

A roundup of creative gift ideas for this holiday season

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Please, Run!

Social entrepreneur Jill Vialet ’86 on “positive chaos” and fixing recess

Alaskan Educator

In rural Alaska, Jim Merriner runs a school district with a major educational footprint across the state.