On the cover: Illustration by Dan Page


Cambridge 02138

That COVID cover, fracking, Radcliffe's welcome

Curiouser and Curiouser!

The extraordinary promise of Harvard’s libraries

Strategy—and a Celebration

The Corporation’s role in communicating University strategies—and the magazine’s 125th

September-October 2022

On the cover: Illustration by Dan Page


The Causes of Long COVID

Trying to understand infections’ persistent effects—and to develop cures

by Jonathan Shaw

Milman Parry

Brief life of a Homeric scholar with a big idea: 1902-1935

by Robert Kanigel

“A Moral Obligation”

Charles Berlin and 60 years of collecting for Harvard Library

by Lydialyle Gibson

esperanza spalding and “What if . . .” Music

The musician and "songwright" invites the listener in

by Nancy Walecki

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Who Should Drive an Electric Vehicle?

Targeting the wrong buyers—and producing more greenhouse-gas emissions

Origins of the Urban Housing Crisis

The high costs of environmental, historic-preservation, and other good intentions

Does High Blood Sugar Blunt the Benefits of Exercise?

Understanding “low response to training”—and searching for solutions for diabetics and others

John Harvard's Journal University news

Quantum SCIENCE Quarters

 New home for the quantum science and engineering doctoral program.

President Bacow Plans to Step Down

A post-pandemic transition, an early assessment, and the search for Harvard’s new leader

Victor Clay

The new police chief introduces a new policing culture.

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard’s history


Ethnicity appointments, Radcliffe roster, faculty honorands, and more

Underwriting Sustainability Studies

A $200-million gift for the Salata Institute

The Parkland Generation

Coming of age in an era of gun violence

2022-23 Ledecky Fellows

The 2022-2023 Ledecky Undergraduate Fellows

Staying Steady

Field hockey goalie Ellie Shahbo’s quiet dominance

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Truer than Reality

Kevin Kallaugher on the art of editorial cartooning

“Fallen to the Depths”

Nicholas Dawidoff’s wrenching account of urban inequity

Freedom from Food

A lifelong struggle with body image led Juna Gjata to podcasting.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Is the Supreme Court’s Role Undemocratic?

Justice Felix Frankfurter, to great controversy, said yes.

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

Listen Up

A new regional music center opens in Groton, Massachusetts.

The Magic of Luigi Lucioni

 Exhibit at Vermont's Shelburne Museum offers beauty and vitality

Harvesting Autumn at Ward’s Berry Farm

Fun for the whole family in Sharon

Sharpening your skills

Opportunities for discovery this fall

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Making Art Work

David Andersson’s quest to reshape the public realm

Alumni Interviewers Honored

Miller-Hunn Awards announcement

Community with Purpose

New Harvard Alumni Association president Allyson Mendenhall