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Tiya Miles and Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Tiya Miles (top) and Tomiko Brown-Nagin 

Screenshot by Harvard Magazine


Tiya Miles traces a mother and daughter’s story through a cotton sack.


Sisters Vanessa and Casey White in the kitchen of their company, Jaju Pierogi

Honoring their Polish heritage, sisters Vanessa and Casey White launched Jaju Pierogi in 2016.

Photograph courtesy of Jaju Pierogi

Two sisters’ culinary venture honors their Polish American roots.

July-August 2021

Aerial view of historic downtown New Bedford buildings

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(1 of 3) An aerial view of downtown New Bedford highlights historic buildings, which include the New Bedford Whaling Museum, and its cupola. 

Dennis Tangney Jr./Istock

Exploring the coastal fishing hub’s history, architecture, parks, and arts scene

July-August 2021

Illustration of open doors, tied to concept of commitment instead of just seeking opportunities

Photograph by iStock

Pete Davis expands on his Commencement address.

July-August 2021

The front and back of a die-cut trade card shaped like a donkey that was used to advertise coffee. When the card is flipped over, the viewer can see that there is a boy riding on the donkey's back.

Click on image to see full trade cards

Trade cards courtesy of the Baker Library Historical Collections/Harvard Business School

A nineteenth-century advertising medium traces the rise of consumer culture.

July-August 2021

Photograph of Mao Zedong during what is thought to be the Long March, 1934-1935

Man, myth, party: Mao Zedong during what is thought to be the Long March, 1934-1935, with the army in northern Shaanxi

Photograph by Fototeca Gilardi/Getty Images

The first century of the Chinese Communist Party—and what impends

July-August 2021

Photo of Bonnie Tsui standing on a pier

<p class="caption">For as long as she can remember, Bonnie Tsui has been drawn to the water: “that slide into lovely immersion, that spiraling weightlessness.”</p><p class="credit">Photograph by Lynsay Skiba</p>

In the swim with Bonnie Tsui

July-August 2021

<i>Puck<i> magazine cartoon from 1895 lampooning the income tax

Puck lampoons the income tax, represented by a browbeaten mongrel cowering in front of the U.S. Treasury (1895).

Photograph ©Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Tax follies, Thomas Sowell, Donald Hall, and more

July-August 2021

A photograph of Zoe Sarnak performing on stage

Zoe Sarnak was headed toward a medical career, until a college music project propelled her into an unexpected life in the arts.

Photograph courtesy of Zoe Sarnak

Composer Zoe Sarnak’s warm-hearted songs

July-August 2021