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Rudy Ruiz

Rudy Ruiz

Photograph courtesy of Rudy Ruiz


Author Rudy Ruiz carries on his Mexican-American family’s storytelling tradition.


View of the exhibit “Candice Lin: Seeping, Rotting, Resting, Weeping”

Photograph by Awa Mally/courtesy of Walker Art Center

Candice Lin’s otherworldly refuge

January-February 2022

View of the two-tiered interior of the Armenian museum

The impressive two-tiered modern interior of the Armenian Museum of America

Photograph courtesy of the Armenian Museum of America

A museum reflects an ancient civilization and the modern global diaspora.

January-February 2022

Newspaper illustration depicts Richard P. Robinson fleeing Helen Jewett's murder scene

Graphic illustrations helped sensationalize the case.

Image courtesy of Harvard Law School Library

Helen Jewett and the origin of American murder media

January-February 2022

Robin Kelsey

Robin Kelsey

Photograph courtesy of Robin Kelsey

A report and recommendations, from the FAS task force on signage and visual culture issues 


Stuart Little holding a hat and cane

Stuart Little, with hat and cane. The idea of a mouse being "born" into a human family proved controversial in 1945. In later additions, he merely "arrived."

Photograph courtesy of Houghton Library; Illustration by Garth Williams

“Animals Are Us” contextualizes Houghton’s new treasures.


Painting: Carnations, Gillyvors, Willow

(1) Carnations. (2) Gillyvors. 
Perdita: The fairest flower o' the season
Are our Carnations and streaked Gillyvors, 
Which some call Nature's bastards 
Winter's Tale, Act IV, sc. 4 

(3) Willow. 
Queen: There is a Willow grows aslant a brook, 
That shows his hoar leaves in the glassy stream. 
There on the pendent boughs her coronet weeds
Clamoring to hang, an envious sliver broke. 
Hamlet, Act IV, sc. 7 

Artwork by Rosa M. Towne and photograph by Edward Tabor 

The discovery of Rosa M. Towne’s paintings in the Harvard Botanical Museum


Dramatic photograph of volatile hurricane waves, by artist Clifford Ross

Hurricane LXXXIV

©Clifford Ross/courtesy of the Portland Museum of Art

Stunning works by Clifford Ross at the Portland Museum of Art 

November-December 2021

The stein-laden mahogany back bar, and original 1935 booths at the landmark restaurant The Student Prince

The stein-laden mahogany back bar, and original 1935 booths featuring animal antler sconces

Photograph courtesy of The Student Prince

A Springfield, Massachusetts, tradition lives on

November-December 2021