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A table with a fancy menu and table settings.

The exhibit's centerpiece re-creates the table setting of a formal dinner held for freshmen of the Harvard Class of 1913. 

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.© President and Fellows of Harvard College.


“Resetting the Table,” a new exhibit at the Peabody Museum, examines American food traditions. 


A grinning woman in traditional Nigerian dress sits cross-legged on the floor surrounded by modern devices, including a power strip, a land-line telephone, and a desktop computer displaying on its screen a duplicate image of the entire montage.

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(1 of 3 ) Working Woman

Photograph by Fatimah Tuggar and BintaZarah Studios/Courtesy of the Davis Museum

Fatimah Tuggar explores artisanship and technology, at the Davis Museum

November-December 2019

A street crowd of black men and women, all dressed in white, either playing or responding to the playing of dozens of trombones

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(1 of 3) “God’s Trombones, Harlem,” 2009

Photograph by Frank Stewart/Courtesy of the Cooper Gallery of African and African American Art

“The Sound of My Soul: Frank Stewart’s Life in Jazz,” at Harvard

November-December 2019

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Russian ballerina Lubov Tchernicheva, 1920 production of Cleopatra 
Russian ballerina Lubov Tchernicheva in Cleopatra, 1920. © E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection/Curatorial Assistance Inc.

Elegant photographs of dancing’s stars

November-December 2019

A colorful Byzantine funerary tunic fragment depicts faces and vegetal patterns with a border of gemstones.

Photograph courtesy of Dumbarton Oaks

Textile treasures from Dumbarton Oaks

November-December 2019

Colin Cabot takes heart in the traditional skills, like woodworking, that are preserved at Sanborn Mills Farm.

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Promoting craftsmanship and agrarian skills in an idyllic New Hampshire setting

November-December 2019

Photograph of worker between two enormously high stacked bookshelves at the Harvard Depository

Where there are still plenty of real books: the Harvard Depository

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/ HPAC

A visit to the Harvard Depository

November-December 2019

A spoof passport written in Spanglish for the fictional country El Spirit Republic of Puerto Rico, with a domino in place of a national seal on its cover

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(1 of 12) Adál Maldonado’s The Passport, 1995, from the series The Spirit Republic of Puerto Rico.

Transfer from the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University, Gift of the artist, 2012.178. © ADзL. Image courtesy of Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum

The ubiquity of movement across man-made borders

November-December 2019

A child’s horse-drawn carriage from 1907

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(1 of 6) A child’s horse-drawn carriage dating to1907, from the Wenham Museum’s new exhibit
Photograph courtesy of Peter G. Gwinn/Wenham Museum

Equestrian life and sports on the North Shore

September-October 2019