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William Tamplin in his Marine Corps dress blues uniform

Translator William Tamplin joined the Marine Corps earlier this year. 

Photograph courtesy of William Tamplin


William Tamplin, Ph.D. ’20,  on the lyricism and secrecy of an Arabic literary pioneer 


Array of squashes, tomatoes, and other local produce at Ward's Berry Farm

Ward's Berry Farm, a locally owned farm in Sharon, Mass., has plenty to offer its visitors.


Fun for the whole family in Sharon

September-October 2022

Juna Gjata with a microphone in front of her

Juna Gjata

Photograph by Stu Rosner

A lifelong struggle with body image led Juna Gjata to podcasting.

September-October 2022

Cruising on the schooner Argia 

Photograph courtesy of Argia Mystic Cruises

Visiting Mystic, Connecticut

July-August 2022

Chef Michael Twitty and Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Chef and historian Michael Twitty spoke with Radcliffe Institute dean Tomiko Brown-Nagin about the culinary legacies of enslavement.

Screenshot by Harvard Magazine

At the Radcliffe Institute, chef Michael Twitty traces the food legacy of enslavement.


Hands pouring steeped golden-colored tea from a ceramic pot

Enjoying the art of making and drinking tea, here featuring Ceylon and “Black & Green” leaves from MEM Tea

Photograph courtesy of MEM Tea

A world of artisanal teas in Somerville

March-April 2022

The stein-laden mahogany back bar, and original 1935 booths at the landmark restaurant The Student Prince

The stein-laden mahogany back bar, and original 1935 booths featuring animal antler sconces

Photograph courtesy of The Student Prince

A Springfield, Massachusetts, tradition lives on

November-December 2021

Emily Broad Leib in front of produce

Emily Broad Leib at Cambridge’s Pemberton Farms

Photograph by Stu Rosner

Emily Broad Leib combats wasted food worldwide.

November-December 2021

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Square bustling, again, with visitors

Photograph by Jim Harrsion

What’s new—and unchanged—in the historic heart of Cambridge

September-October 2021