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A table with a fancy menu and table settings.

The exhibit's centerpiece re-creates the table setting of a formal dinner held for freshmen of the Harvard Class of 1913. 

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.© President and Fellows of Harvard College.


“Resetting the Table,” a new exhibit at the Peabody Museum, examines American food traditions. 


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Russian ballerina Lubov Tchernicheva, 1920 production of Cleopatra 
Russian ballerina Lubov Tchernicheva in Cleopatra, 1920. © E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection/Curatorial Assistance Inc.

Elegant photographs of dancing’s stars

November-December 2019

A colorful Byzantine funerary tunic fragment depicts faces and vegetal patterns with a border of gemstones.

Photograph courtesy of Dumbarton Oaks

Textile treasures from Dumbarton Oaks

November-December 2019

Colin Cabot takes heart in the traditional skills, like woodworking, that are preserved at Sanborn Mills Farm.

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Promoting craftsmanship and agrarian skills in an idyllic New Hampshire setting

November-December 2019

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

November-December 2019

Photograph of President Donald Trump and Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio

President and supporter: Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, pardoned by President Trump

Photograph by Scott Olson/Getty Images

…and don’t always forgive

November-December 2019

An image of branching red seaweed against a dark-blue background

Sublime seaweed: nature photographer Josie Iselin’s cyanotype of Pikea californica

Photograph by Cyanotype by Josie Iselin

Recent books with Harvard connections

November-December 2019

Singer Ali Sethi gestures toward the audience at Sanders Theatre, while students dance on stage behind him.

Ali Sethi brings the Sanders Theatre crowd to its feet during a concert last spring. His Harvard mentor, Ali Asani (right, in suit and tie), joined him on stage.

Photograph by Jake Belcher/Courtesy of the Office for the Arts at Harvard

Singer Ali Sethi finds his voice in classical Pakistani music.

November-December 2019

Photograph of worker between two enormously high stacked bookshelves at the Harvard Depository

Where there are still plenty of real books: the Harvard Depository

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/ HPAC

A visit to the Harvard Depository

November-December 2019