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The Underground 68 film poster features Widener Library and a hard-at-work Ariel Smolik-Valles ’17. (Click the arrow at right to see the full-size version.)

Courtesy of Peter Coonradt


The premiere of an alumnus’s film about a seminal year at Harvard and beyond 


Matthew Meselson
Photograph by Constance Brukin

A symposium honors a scientist who championed biological and chemical weapons control.


Dr. Abramson, Dr. Hawking, and the wand

Photograph courtesy of David H. Abramson

A close call on Commencement day


Illustration by Michael Witte

When teaching was gendered, Porsche populism, and Harvard’s presidential symbolism

May-June 2018

Illustration by Mark Steele

Headlines from Harvard’s history

May-June 2018

David Davidson

Photograph by Stu Rosner

A dining executive on Harvard’s changing food environment

May-June 2018

The nine-foot-high depiction of Richard T. Greener, A.B. 1870, by sculptor Jon Hair, is the first statue of an individual on the University of South Carolina’s central campus. Its unveiling on February 21 coincided with the inauguration of a symposium in Greener’s honor.

Photograph courtesy of the Office of Communications & Public Affairs, University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina recognizes its first African-American professor—Richard T. Greener, A.B. 1870.


At Jefferson Laboratory, Nobel Prize winners gather to remember one of their own.


Photographs by Lydia Carmichael

Big names on campus, how to install a president, football at Fenway

March-April 2018