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Humanities hubris, hoop humor, undergraduate prolixity

Meet Harvard Squared

A letter from the editor

To Sit at the Welcome Table

A letter from President Faust

July-August 2014


Disruptive Genius

Innovation guru Clayton Christensen on spreading his gospel, the Gospel, and how to win with the electric car

by Craig Lambert

Tiananmen Plus Twenty-five

Harvard scholars recall the Tiananmen era and ponder its continuing impact

Vita: Felipe Poey

Brief life of Cuba’s greatest naturalist: 1799-1891

by Lindsay Brownell

Rebooting Social Science

The interdisciplinary Tobin Project addresses real-world problems.

by Elizabeth Gudrais

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Human-Family Reunions

Genetics sheds light on early human history.

A Hemlock Farewell

A tiny insect, the woolly adelgid, is killing off these giant evergreens.

Crafting Color

Inspired by birds’ feathers, engineers craft long-lasting structural colors.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Graduating, Briskly

The University’s 363rd Commencement, featuring George H. W. Bush, Aretha Franklin, Michael R. Bloomberg, and more

Honoris Causa

At the 363rd Commencement, honorary degrees for George H. W. Bush, Michael R. Bloomberg, Aretha Franklin, Isabel Allende, Joseph Stiglitz, and more

Commencement Confetti

Class of 2014 careers and concerns, hockey jersey for the Corporation's senior fellow, degrees conferred, and more

Talks, and a Text

President Drew Faust on universities' role, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on tolerance, and a seventieth reunion puts learning and life in perspective

Laugh Lines

Fun during Commencement week: Salman Kahn on the luxe Business School, Mindy Kaling on why law rocks, Michael R. Bloomberg on strong-armed fundraising, and a helmeted Latinist

The Divestment Debate

The temperature rises as students, faculty members, and administrators disagree on University investments in fossil-fuel producers.

Addressing Sexual Assaults

Harvard reacts to sexual assaults with new policies and a task force to address issues of campus culture.

Harvard Portrait: Naomi Oreskes

Harvard historian of science Naomi Oreskes takes on climate-change skeptics.

Yesterday’s News

From the pages of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

Renewing the Coop

From rebates to a discount, retailing remodeled

Spring, Fevered

Adopting a College honor code, addressing e-mail privacy, moving from courses to credits, and more

University People

National Academy scientists, Pulitzer Prize-winner, Radcliffe Fellows, and more

Capital-Campaign Compendium

Fundraising launches for the Business, Dental, Divinity, and Kennedy Schools


Harvard Business School’s Chao Center, College admissions, endowment managers’ compensation, and more

Treasurer Transition

The Corporation’s senior financial leadership changes.

Yoga for Lacrosse

Stretching for success

Sports Wrap

Harvard crew has a winning season

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Relational Lens

Photographs that admire, probe, and “flinch from” family members.

Cancer Chronicle

Artist Matt Freedman ’78 confronts adenoid cystic carcinoma.

“Chorus of Soloists”

The Chinese people’s individual acts of self-transformation

Rhode Island Blues

Fiction that paints a regional subculture with “merciless realism.”

Chapter & Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

Lives in Art

Early American artifacts help animate history.

Funkin’ It Up

Rebirth Brass Band plays in Cambridge.

Retreat and Recreate: Peddocks Island

This Boston Harbor island offers an urban oasis.

Food Fiesta

A diversity of Latin American food shines in East Boston.

Nepal in Pictures

Nepalese history revealed in photographs

The Many Faces of Boston

A Boston Public Library exhibit illustrates immigration history.

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Playing Together, Staying Together

Peabody Terrace Children’s Center celebrates a golden anniversary.

HAA’s New Helmsman

Harvard Alumni Association director Philip W. Lovejoy

All the World’s a Page

New e-books bring Shakespeare to life.

Harvard Medalists

Four alumni are honored for their contributions to the University.

Centennial Medalists

Graduate school alumni receive highest honors

Senior Alumni

Harvard’s oldest living graduates

Election Results

Newly elected directors of the Harvard Alumni Association

Cambridge Scholars

Four seniors have won scholarships to study at Cambridge University.

Alumni Gifts

A “great show of commitment to the community of Harvard and Radcliffe”

The SIGnboard: SIG Snapshot

The Harvard Alumni for Mental Health Shared Interest Group

The Classes

Harvard alumni may sign in to view class notes and obituaries.