Cambridge 02138

Readers comment on Houghton Library, coddled campuses, labor law, and more.

The Work of the Whole Life

President Faust on the value of Harvard’s non-degree programs

Minding the Gap

A state’s pension-plan problems highlight the endowment challenge to realizing Harvard’s goals. 

May-June 2017


Harvard’s Class Gap

The chasm between elite academia and working-class Americans—and how to bridge it

by Richard D. Kahl...

Yellow Wolf

Brief life of a Native American witness to history: c. 1855-1935

by Daniel J. Sharfstein

The Lost Museum

Recreating the Philosophy Chamber

by Jonathan Shaw , Jennifer Carling

A Language Out of Nothing

How linguists use sign languages to understand universal grammar

by Marina N. Bolotnikova

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

China’s Social-Media Smoke Screen

Distraction seems to be the aim of a massive government campaign of fake social media posts.

Is Epigenetics Inherited?

Patterns of gene expression that appear to be inherited from one generation to the next are instead explained by in-utero exposures.

Cognitive Benefits of Healthy Buildings

Do workplace environments contribute to poor health for employees? 

John Harvard's Journal University news

Social-Club Saga

The College’s social-club sanctions remain highly controversial.

Harvard Portrait: Stephan Magro

A miracle-working Commencement director

Cranes Crescendo

Still more construction projects on tap

Graduate Admissions in Lower Gear

Financial pressures force the faculty to trim doctoral admissions.

Allston Ambitions

The Business School dean is bullish on engineering and data-science collaborations, and online learning.

Online Updates

Online learning, evolving at Harvard and beyond, attracts critical analysis.

Developing Data Science

Harvard outlines steps toward a data-science institute in Allston.

Yesterday's News

An elephant race, and more from the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

University People

Dunster departure, graduate-school deans, faculty writing-prize winners, and more


Mark Zuckerberg drops in, Justice Scalia’s papers, dental-school milestone, and more

Exclusivity, from the Inside

The Undergraduate wrestles with The Advocate’s exclusive comp process. 

“Feeling Fast”

A Harvard sailor, a long way from landlocked Mongolia and Missouri

A Hardwood Foundation

Seesaw seasons for the basketball teams

Sports in Brief

Strong seasons in hockey, fencing, and swimming

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Ballet’s Geometry, Torqued

A choreographer's career, taking shape

Humanizing Finance

A Business School professor ties finance and humanities together.

How Buildings Move People

Justin Lee's essential, “invisible,” work at the Harvard Art Museums

Off the Shelf

A natural history of Martha’s Vineyard, and other books with Harvard connections

Making Liberal Democracies

Scholarly lessons from Europe prove pertinent today.

Chapter & Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

Land of the Living

Springtime at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Industrial Origins

Steampunk Festival celebrates art and history in Waltham, Massachusetts

Birds in Hand

A trip to Mass Audubon’s unique art museum

Birthing a Legacy

Centennial celebrations for John F. Kennedy in Brookline

Harvard Commencement 2017

Speakers, ceremonies, and celebrations

Take a Break

Harvard Square’s caffeine and calories—galore!

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Dual Dean

A look at James Bundy ’81, dean of the Yale School of Drama

Overseer and Director Candidates

Overseers and HAA director candidates

The SIGnboard: Reunion Week Events

Shared Interest Group gatherings in Cambridge