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Inside WHRB, a self-portrait

Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications


Harvard radio station’s long-time chairman David Elliott ’64 steps down.


A rehearsal scene from The Squirrel Plays

Courtesy of Olivia Munk

A graduate’s foray into the “real world” of fringe theater


Chai confers with a colleague in SPiNE’s Yangon office.

Photograph courtesy of SPiNE

Practicing architecture in Myanmar

July-August 2018

Amory, Francis, Sandi, and Alex Blake pause briefly for a family portrait…

Photograph by Lynn Donaldson

Working a cattle ranch and tree nursery in Big Sky country

July-August 2018

The splendid interior of the Methuen Memorial Music Hall.

Photograph by Len Levasseur

Seasonal concerts at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall

July-August 2018

Evelyn Richmond ’41 and Theodore R. Barnett ’41
Photographs by Jim Harrison

Seventy-seventh reunioners Evelyn Richmond and Theodore R. Barnett led the 2018 alumni parade.

July-August 2018

Harvard graduates are Britain-bound.

July-August 2018

Clockwise from top left: Robert Coles, Robert N. Shapiro, Alice Welch, and Drew Gilpin Faust
Photographs by Jim Harrison

For extraordinary service to the University

July-August 2018