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Sandler relishes having her office within MoMA.

Photograph courtesy of Alexis Sandler


Solving legal challenges at MoMA


Tom Morello at a 2016 show in Inglewood, California

Photograph by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With his supergroup Prophets of Rage, the musician faces down a president.

July-August 2018

Portrait of Moorfield Storey by John Singer Sargent, 1917. Charcoal on paper

National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; partial gift of James Moorfield Storey

Brief life of a patrician reformer: 1845-1929

July-August 2018

A student protest during the 1968 Commencement

Courtesy of The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A senior thesis, and a new film, on the “historic generational shift” of which the class of 1968 was a part.


2018 newly elected Harvard Overseers and HAA directors


From left: Penny S. Pritzker and Carolyn A. “Biddy” Martin

Photograph on left © Moshe Zusman Photography Studio. Photograph on right courtesy of Amherst College

New Corporation members and  Overseers’ leaders


Janet Pascal ’84 crafts the new final line for “Fair Harvard,” debuting this Commencement.


Annenberg Hall

Photograph by Bestbudbrian/Wikicommons

I would like to offer you what I think is even better than an actual Harvard degree: the ability to pass what I call the Harvard Voight-Kampff.


A fellow Peace Corps volunteer took this snapshot of the author (at left) during a school visit in Africa.

Courtesy of Michael S. Knapp

A century apart, two alumni find each other in the American South.