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Jennifer 8. Lee
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC


Jennifer 8. Lee ’99 on the world of “emoji activism” 


Tom Morello at a 2016 show in Inglewood, California

Photograph by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With his supergroup Prophets of Rage, the musician faces down a president.

July-August 2018

Portrait of Moorfield Storey by John Singer Sargent, 1917. Charcoal on paper

National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; partial gift of James Moorfield Storey

Brief life of a patrician reformer: 1845-1929

July-August 2018

Sellers at the John Brown Fort, at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Photograph by T.J. Kirkpatric

William Sellers aims to expose a new generation to America’s origins.

May-June 2018

Jim and Deb Fallows in his hometown, Redlands, California

Photograph by Coco McKown

James ’70 and Deborah Fallows ’71 explore “what the hell is happening in America.”

May-June 2018

Eunice Kennedy Shriver races her brother Ted and others in Washington, D.C., to kick off a 1975 Special Olympics fundraising coast-to-coast marathon.

Photograph by Bettmann/Getty Images

Brief life of a world-changer: 1921-2009

May-June 2018

Nell Scovell

Photograph by Robert Trachtenberg

TV writer Nell Scovell looks back on Just the Funny Parts.

March-April 2018

Rapp focused on war crimes and criminals as U.S. ambassador-at-large.

Courtesy of United States Mission Geneva/Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Stephen J. Rapp seeks justice for Syrian victims of war crimes.

March-April 2018

Broadsheet is on Kirkland Street in Cambridge.

Photographs by Jane Messinger

An antidote to Starbucksification?

March-April 2018