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As a performer, Lauderdale is often the center of attention. With Meow Meow, he embraces a supportive role.

Photograph by Autumn de Wilde


Pink Martini bandleader Thomas Lauderdale is at his best bringing people together.


A poster for Heat Week with the words Flood Harvard - Rally for Fossil Fuel Divestment & Climate Justice. Happening on Harvard Yard on April 26th at 2:30 PM

A flier for Heat Week

Students, faculty, and alumni urge the ditching of corporations linked to climate change. 


The author’s father, Noah Gibson, playing fiddle with friends at an Irish music session

Photoraph courtesy of Lydialyle Gibson

A personal story about caregiving and empathy


Alan Gilbert ’65, Ph.D. ’74 (twice suspended, separated, and readmitted in 1973 by a two-thirds faculty vote) speaks at a gathering of current and former student activists three days before Friday’s conference. 

Photograph by Lydia S.C. Rosenberg/Harvard Magazine

A conference looks back at Harvard’s 1969 student strike. 


Click on image for full book cover

Her book Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America is the choice in general nonfiction.



Shared Interest Group gatherings in Cambridge

May-June 2019

Philip Lovejoy

Photograph by Will Halsey/Courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association

The HAA’s Philip Lovejoy looks ahead

May-June 2019

Moffett—who has trekked across the globe in search of unusual creatures—with an ants’ nest in Australia

Photograph courtesy of Mark W. Moffett

Naturalist Mark W. Moffett investigates insects—and now, evolving human societies.

May-June 2019