Social Sciences

The Dark History Behind Chocolate

A Harvard course on the politics and culture of food

by Lydialyle Gibson

Controlling AI Influence over Consumers

When pricing algorithms take advantage of an individual’s ignorance, legal scrutiny is in order.

by Max J. Krupnick

Geopolitics and the Energy Transition

International relations during the shift to a net-zero economy

by Jonathan Shaw

Cousins in the Ancient World

Long-distance human migration and population bottlenecks revealed in ancient DNA

by Jonathan Shaw

Democracy Endangered

American democracy endangered by minority rule

Values and Voting Patterns

Thinking globally versus locally is predictive of political views

The Roman Empire’s Cosmopolitan Frontier

Genetic analysis reveals a culture enriched from both sides of the Danube.

by Jonathan Shaw

Navigating Changing Careers

Harvard researchers seek to empower individuals to steer their own careers.

by Nina Pasquini

Easing the Energy Transition

How the Bezos Earth Fund hopes to seed economic transformation

by Jonathan Shaw

AI and Democracy

The implications for campaigns and elections raise concern

by Aden Barton

Anna Jacobson Schwartz

Brief life of a pioneering economist: 1915-2012

by Jennifer Burns