On the cover: A tardigrade. Its ability to survive in a suspended state is now under study at Harvard scientist Pamela Silver's lab. Image by Eye of Science/Science Source


Cambridge 02138

Gun violence, drug laws, climate change and more

Curiosity Changes the World

President Bacow on Nobel honorands and curiosity-driven research

Surpluses and Scholarship

On the University’s fiscal position and academic aspirations

January-February 2020

On the cover: A tardigrade. Its ability to survive in a suspended state is now under study at Harvard scientist Pamela Silver's lab. Image by Eye of Science/Science Source


Engineering Life

For synthetic biologists, there appears to be no limit to what they can build.

by Jonathan Shaw

Forum: Doing Less Harm

David Hemenway advocates a pragmatic, public-health-based solution to gun homicides and suicides.

by David Hemenway

Renewing the News

New models for newspaper journalism in the Internet era

by Mark Travis

Romare Bearden

Brief life of a textured artist: 1911-1988

by Robert G. O'Meally

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

A Blood Test for PTSD?

A potential “paradigm shift” in developing new diagnostic tests in mental health

Could College Be Free?

David Deming says existing federal higher-education subsidies, if redeployed, could make public colleges free.

The Coming Eldercare Tsunami

Can technology coupled with cultural understanding improve the health and wellness of the elderly?

John Harvard's Journal University news

Restructuring Harvard Square

A familiar place’s new faces

Graduate Students Strike

HGSU-UAW members go out on strike two days before reading period. 

Shawon Kinew

Connecting European Old Masters with the new landscape of art history 

Divestment Debate, Overseer Slate

A faculty debate, and a challenge slate for the Board of Overseers

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard’s history

Jobs Well Done

An appreciation for outstanding work

The Black…and the Red

An analysis of the annual financial report, and of Harvard Management Company’s transformation

News Briefs

Sexual-misconduct survey results, and the athletics director to retire

Preparing for a Profession

Online summer programs get students ready for inclusive M.B.A., J.D., and M.Ed. studies.


Nobel laureates, HBS dean stepping down, Allston options, and more

Working at Beauty

The Undergraduate finds beauty in the complexities of applied science.

Failure to Finish

Dreadful defeats—and a heartbreaking Game—produced the Crimson’s first losing season of the century.

Sports Medicine Man

Brant Berkstresser aims to ensure sound bodies for Harvard’s student athletes.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

The Language of Movement

The brothers Kuperman—choreographers, directors, and storytellers

“They Need Money”

The world’s richest nation tolerates “basically the highest child poverty rates in the developed world.”

Assaulting the Ramparts

In her new book, Rosabeth Moss Kanter thinks “outside the building.”

Creative Exposure

Lena Chen transforms trauma into art and performance.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

The Mystery of Mathematics

Teaching and learning math as a human endeavor

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

Provincetown in the Off-Off Season

Just enough art, culture, terrific food, and lively conversation....

Visions of the Opioid Crisis

Revealing sculptures at the Fuller Craft Museum, in Brockton

Winter Retreat

The Harvard Mountaineering Club’s Mount Washington cabin

Staging the Women's Movement

“Gloria: A Life,” at the American Repertory Theater

Eat, Drink, Read

The Boston Public Library’s cozy winter hideout

Ways to Support Your Well-Being in the New Year

Opportunities for self-improvement, and fun, at and around Harvard

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Your Tech Relationship Counselor

Geoffrey Fowler tackles the “great reckoning” with privacy.

First-Gen Frontlines

Alumni describe their challenges in leaving home and coming to the College.

A Radcliffe Return

Annette Samuels ’55 goes back to class.