On the cover: Hemlock Hill, summer 1920. Photograph courtesy of the Arnold Arboretum Archives/©President and Fellows of Harvard College


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Legacies, football, knitting

Living Collections

President Bacow on the Arnold Arboretum as a place for plants and people

Cultural Commitments

Harvard’s post-pandemic workplace culture

March-April 2022

On the cover: Hemlock Hill, summer 1920. Photograph courtesy of the Arnold Arboretum Archives/©President and Fellows of Harvard College


Arnold Arboretum Turns 150

A look back at the Arboretum's history—and the millennia to come

by Nancy Walecki

Fugitive Pedagogy

Jarvis Givens rediscovers the underground history of black schooling.

by Lydialyle Gibson

Earl Brown

Brief life of Harvard’s latest major league baseball player: 1903-1980

Meteorologist Matthew Cappucci’s Weather Obsession

The Harvard graduate is the fastest-rising star in weather.

by Jacob Sweet

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Being Black at Work

Realizing the full potential of black employees

Social Media Use and Adult Depression

A survey reveals suprising links between social media use and depression in adults.

Racial Bias and Redistricting

Efforts to keep census data private result in voter undercounting in diverse districts.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Presiding during the Pandemic

President Bacow on pandemic and academic Harvard

The Omicron Semester

Staving off the surge

Emily Oken's Studies on Nutrition During Pregnancy

Oken's path from archaeology to epidemiology

A Bold Business Agenda

Business School dean Srikant Datar’s priorities for a globally engaged, digital future

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard’s history


ARTS FIRST, Supreme Court affirmative-action review, fading role for standardized texts, and more

News Briefs

A natural- and artificial-intelligence initiative, Allston agita, shopping week, reckonings on visual culture and “denaming”

History-Making Harvard Skier Pushes His Limits

James Kitch on his competitive mindset

Harvard Polo Up Close

Human (and horse) athletes ride through pandemic setbacks

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

A Wildlife Painter's Fantastic Beasts

Bradley Scott Davis's conservation-minded artwork

Open Book

Michael Ignatieff on Abraham Lincoln on solace

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Mike Schur on the Good Life

A humorous guide to ethics and philosophy, from the sitcom creator

Experimental Magic

Jazz composer Phillip Golub and the art of making magic

Music and Language, Reconciled

Matthew Aucoin on opera

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

A Verdant Cultural Retreat

Boston’s Forest Hills Cemetery is a welcome respite from the world.

Milton Avery, Wadsworth Atheneum

The American painter’s "playful use of color and diverse stylistic repertoire" on display in Hartford


A world of artisanal teas in Somerville

How to Create Your Springtime Oasis

Breathing new life into our domiciles

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Looking for the Real Stan Lee

Biographer Abraham Riesman plumbs the dark mysteries of the Marvel auteur

Meet the Candidates

Overseer and HAA elected-director nominees—and their views

Commencement and Alumni Annual Meeting Notice 2022

The official notices for Commencement 2022 and Harvard Alumni Day

Miller of "The Bay State Banner"

Countering misinformation and chronicling black success