Geopolitics and the Energy Transition

International relations during the shift to a net-zero economy

by Jonathan Shaw

Research Clusters Seek Climate Solutions

Teams of Harvard researchers will develop concrete proposals for addressing specific climate impacts.

by Jonathan Shaw

How to Adapt to Climate Change

Lessons from Bangkok presented at the Harvard Graduate School of Design

by Jonathan Shaw

“A Grinding War”

A former ambassador to Ukraine offers her perspective on the conflict

by Lydialyle Gibson

Deprivation’s Mark on the Brain

Neglected children’s neurodevelopmental impairments persist into young adulthood.

by Daniel Oberhaus

Hybrid Work’s Sweet Spot

A business school study finds hybrid workers generate more novel and useful information.

by Colleen Walsh

To the Rescue

Harvard’s Scholars at Risk Program helps endangered artists and scholars

by Lydialyle Gibson

Fernando Zóbel-Montojo

Brief life of an abstract painter: 1924-1984

by Felipe Pereda

An Exchange of Violence

On the “exit wounds” of America’s gun industry in Mexico

by Lydialyle Gibson

The Off-Kilter Economy

Reckoning with inflation and its remedies

by Jonathan Shaw

America’s Riven Politics

 A Harvard Magazine Q & A with Evan Osnos ’98, author of Wildland: The Making of America’s Fury