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Placebos, memorable McKinlock bell, paramedics

March-April 2013


A Cardiac Conundrum

How gaps in medical knowledge affect matters of the heart

by Alice Park

How Same-Sex Marriage Came to Be

On activism, litigation, and social change in America

by Michael J. Klarman

Vita: Alexander Hamilton Rice

Brief life of an Amazon explorer: 1875-1956

by Mark J. Plotkin

The Prison Problem

Sociologist Bruce Western rethinks incarceration in America

by Elizabeth Gudrais

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

The Deadliest Virus

Modified H5N1 could infect a billion people if it escapes the lab.

A Cucumber Coil Conundrum

In the plant's tendrils, L. Mahadevan and colleagues discover a new type of spring.

Cheating the Reaper

New study reveals just how many years of life are added by varying levels of exercise.

John Harvard's Journal University news

As Many Books as Possible Short of Bankruptcy

At its centennial, Harvard University Press continues publishing books, while vastly expanding its digital products.

Printer’s Mark

View diverse versions of HUP's logotype through time.

Allston: The Killer App

Harvard proposes moving the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to the University’s expanded campus.

Harvard Portrait: Abigail Donovan and Laura Prager

The pediatric psychiatrists’ book depicts emergency-room experiences with mentally ill children.

“We All Can Do Better”

Harvard College imposes penalties severe following investigation of undergraduate academic misconduct

Online Evolution Accelerates

HarvardX, edX, and online teaching and learning proliferate.

Yesterday’s News

From the pages of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

The Corporation Reports

Three Fellows offer a briefing on the effects of reforming the University's senior governing board.


Harvard news: Allston development, education dean departs, social investing, multimillion-dollar gifts to universities, and more

Lines of Support

The Undergraduate reflects on mentoring and community.

Giant Champion

Rebecca Nadler is Harvard's first NCAA gold medalist in skiing.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Please Touch the Art

Jennifer Rubell makes art to touch, crawl into, or even drink and eat.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Detective in Pop Culture

Bob Egan finds the original venues of iconic images.

The Art of the Cookbook

“Doc” Willoughby talks grilling and writing.

Chapter & Verse

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

Seeing and Observing

The "Literally Psyched" columnist on Sherlock Holmes, perception, and mental prowess

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

The Sage of Tree Frog Lane

Philip Slater has happily progressed from fame to obscurity.

The World According to Slater

Author Philip Slater explains his views on the world

Vote Now

2013 Candidates for Harvard University Overseers and HAA elected directors

Alumni Awards

Harvard alumni are honored for service to clubs and Shared Interest Groups

A Special Notice Regarding Commencement Exercises

Instructions for degree candidates and others

Return to Harvard Day

Alumni and their children visit Harvard

The Future of Education

A letter from President Drew Faust

The SIGnboard

Shared Interest Group events in March and April