On the cover: Tomiko Brown-Nagin. Photograph by Jim Harrison


Cambridge 02138

Endowment litigation, food waste, western Massachusetts

A Just World at Peace

President Bacow on Harvard Divinity School

On Readers’ Behalf

Recognizing writers and artists for distinguished work during 2021

Crimson Clear

Time for greater Harvard transparency

January-February 2022

On the cover: Tomiko Brown-Nagin. Photograph by Jim Harrison


Both Sides Now

Tomiko Brown-Nagin’s bifocal view of the civil-rights movement

by Lincoln Caplan

Adamantios Korais

Brief life of a leader of the Greek Enlightenment: 1748-1833

by Panagiotis Roilos

Reporting, with an M.B.A.

Charles Duhigg unpacks how individuals and organizations work at war, on Wall Street, and in Silicon Valley

by Jonathan Shaw

The Poet of Old Age

Donald Hall, chronicler of life

by Adam Kirsch

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Thank the Rich for Low Rates?

High savings rates among the wealthiest U.S. earners may represent a macroeconomic risk

Will Cities Survive Another Pandemic?

Inequities threaten the long-term health of cities

Your Brain on Exercise

The hormone irisin, promising as a therapeutic against Alzheimer’s and dementia, is responsible for the cognitive benefits of exercise.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Harvard Football’s Stolen Ivy Title

The Crimson’s final win should have clinched an Ivy championship.

Math Professor Lauren Williams Explores New Ground

Williams feels at home researching underexplored subjects.

On Firmer Footing

Robust financial results despite the pandemic, and historic endowment returns

The Faculty Faces Its Future

Better results than expected during the pandemic, and a sweeping effort to plan for academic improvements

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard’s history

News Briefs

Legacies challenged, campus sustainability, affirmative-action litigation, and honored scientists


No more Harvard Teacher Fellows, universities and slavery, and more

Culinary Postcards

Food has always been a contentious topic among undergraduates.

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

Damage and Repair

Textile artist Celia Pym knits meaning into mended clothes.

Thinking Straight

Steven Pinker on rationality

War, Misremembered

Elizabeth Samet, of West Point, reinterprets the American understanding of World War II.

From Punk to the Silver Screen

The ingenious, intuitive film scores of Carter Burwell ’77

Border Crossing

Author Rudy Ruiz carries on his Mexican-American family’s storytelling tradition.

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

A Democracy of Opportunity

Liberals must learn from conservatives how to interpret the Constitution in all its dimensions.

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

“Armenian creativity, culture, and survival”

A museum reflects an ancient civilization and the modern global diaspora.

A Post-Plague Outpost

Candice Lin’s otherworldly refuge

Natural Winter Wonders, Mass Audubon

Getting outside and enjoying the New England’s winter season

Fresh Start

Wellness and physical fitness destinations in the Cambridge area and beyond

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Notes on Doctoring

Michael Stanley and the covenant of medicine

Celebrating Alumni, Anew

Changes afoot for Harvard’s annual alumni meeting