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Harvard @375, Mary Berenson, energy options, colleges in crisis, and more

November-December 2011


The Living Dinosaur

Peter Del Tredici’s search for the wild ginkgo and the secret of its uniquely long survival

by Jill Jonnes

Bullish on Private Colleges

Two scholars of higher education buck the negative tide.

by Zachary First

Andrew Craigie

Brief life of a patriot and scoundrel: 1754-1819

by Anthony J. Connors

Spheres of Knowledge

An exhibition at the Sackler reveals the connections among Renaissance art, invention, and the evolution of science.

by Jennifer Carling , Jonathan Shaw

The Mediatrician

Former Hollywood filmmaker Michael Rich of HMS studies how media affect youth.

by Cara Feinberg

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

How the Web Affects Memory

Psychology professor Daniel Wegner has found that access to information online changes what people remember.

What We Know About Wealth

Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton finds Americans prefer a more equal distribution of wealth.

Life: The Edited Version

George Church has developed tools for large-scale editing of the genome as fast and easy as word processing.

A Bet and a Black Hole

Astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics confirm the presence of a black hole in the constellation Cygnus.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Commemorating 9/11

The Mahindra Humanities Center erects eight “poetry posts” to prompt reflection about loss and recovery.

Allston Agenda

The Allston Work Team's development recommendations have been endorsed by the Harvard Corporation.

Financial Aid Refigured

The College redistributes aid among lower- and higher-income undergraduates, and introduces a new family financial-planning tool.

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard's history

Arts and Sciences Annual Report

Dean Michael D. Smith presents his draft annual report: budget, faculty growth, and more

Rebecca Henderson

The newly minted McArthur University Professor co-directs the Business and Environment Initiative at Harvard Business School.


Divinity School dean William A. Graham steps down, Nobel Prizes awarded to seven alumni, Dumbarton Oaks’ expansion, MacArthur Fellows announced, and other Harvard news.

Far Away

An undergraduate travels to Namibia in the hope that, by flinging herself to a faraway place, she will figure things out.

At Camp, a Community

An undergraduate wonders if the College could be more like camp.

Hanging Tough

This year's football team is tough, physical, and resourceful.

Court Sparks

Two basketball co-captains with a nose for the hoop

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

An Elegy Set in Queens

The documentary film "Foreign Parts" explores Willets Point, a vanishing junkyard neighborhood in Queens.

Salads with Panache

Erin Wade's Vinaigrette salad bistro serves organic, home-grown greens in Santa Fe.

America as Argentina

Menzie Chinn and Jeffry Frieden review recent U.S. economic woes in the context of the “capital flow cycle.”

Disruptive Creations

Meredith James '04 creates surrealist videos and sculptures that challenge perceptions.

Off the Shelf

Gordon S. Wood on the birth of the United States, Steven Pinker on declining violence, Jack M. Balkin on "Living Originalism," and a dozen others whose recent books have Harvard connections

On Discovering Drugs

David Nathan reviews Brent R. Stockwell's "The Quest for the Cure"

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

“More As People Than Dating Objects”

The class of 1971 reflects on the coeducational living experiment.

Aloian Award 2011 winners Marcel Moran and Annie Douglas

Anne Douglas ’12, of Adams House, and Marcel Moran ’11, of Eliot House, are the 2011 David and Mimi Aloian Memorial Scholars.

Hiram Hunn Award Winners

Seven alumni received Hunn Memorial Schools and Scholarships Awards in 2011.

HAA Award Winners 2011

The Harvard Alumni Association Awards recognize outstanding service to the University through alumni activities.

Return to Chanzeaux

Alumni join in to help British filmmaker Elizabeth McKay with her forthcoming documentary, ”Harvard at Chanzeaux: A Tribute to Laurence Wylie.”

“In the Bee-Loud Glade”

The Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Café in Boulder, Colorado, sells beverages, pastries, and poetry—nothing else.

Points and Shoots

"No Look Pass," a documentary film about Harvard basketball player Emily Tay ’08, was written, produced, and directed by Melissa Johnson ’00.

No Nonsense Filmmaking

Two alumnae travel across America to distribute socks and document the plight of homeless youths.

The SIGnboard

News from Shared Interest Groups

Calling All Boxers!

The Boxing Club aims to build an alumni network.

The Classes

Harvard alumni may sign in to view class notes and obituaries.