On the cover: Bryant Butler using a assistive device developed by Conor Walsh. Photograph by Jim Harrison


Cambridge 02138

“Shopping week,” workplace culture, solace, and other reader views

What We Keep

President Bacow on maintaining University values while adopting the best lessons learned during the pandemic 

Efficiency and Productivity in the Academy

The gains and losses from changes in Commencement and “shopping week”

May-June 2022

On the cover: Bryant Butler using a assistive device developed by Conor Walsh. Photograph by Jim Harrison


The Upward Mobility Problem

Most Americans earn less than their parents did. Can community colleges bridge the gap?

by Nancy Walecki

Lorna Myrtle Hodgkinson

Brief life of a dauntless educator: 1887-1951

by David Haig

The Medical-Robotics Revolution

Engineering advances in surgery, mobility, and patient care

by Jonathan Shaw

Harvard’s Social Media Influencers

How students make videos for a world fascinated by Harvard

by Jacob Sweet

RIGHT NOW Harvard research and ideas

Authoritarian Regimes’ AI Innovation Advantage

Unfettered access to personal data may give Chinese companies an edge in artificial intelligence.

How the Pandemic Killed the Uninfected

COVID-19’s toll on black patients extends to those who never got the virus.

Decoding the Alphaviruses

New research identifies the cellular receptors for Eastern Equine Encephalitis and two related viruses.

John Harvard's Journal University news

Yesterday’s News

Headlines from Harvard’s history

Post-Pandemic Pedagogy

The future of teaching and learning at Harvard—and beyond

News Briefs

Penny Pritzker elected senior fellow, climate-change investments, Allston expectations, undergraduate academics, and the reformed tenure track


Associate Justice-in-waiting Jackson, the College class of 2026, and more University news

Harvard's Ethnic "Salad Bowl"

Exclusion and belonging in undergraduate cultural organizations

The Truth About Imposter Syndrome

Thoughts on a perennial undergraduate complaint

Wrapping Up Harvard’s Winter Sports

A legendary basketball coach retires, and Crimson teams excel.

Blue, Yellow, Crimson

Harvard responses to the war on Ukraine

"On the Ground" with Asylum-Seekers

Sabrineh Ardalan directs Harvard’s Immigration and Refugee Clinic.

Students Sue Harvard Over Harassment

Lawsuit claims the University downplayed sexual misconduct allegations against anthropology professor John Comaroff.


Jacinda Ardern, Merrick Garland, and other lead speakers at Commencement and alumni events

Montage Books, creative arts, performance and more

An Acrobat Takes Flight

Anna Soltys Morse and the art of hand-to-hand flying

Architectural Upheaval

A comprehensive examination of avant-garde architecture

Mexican Soul

How Claudia García got “mariachi fever”

Off the Shelf

Recent books with Harvard connections

Realities of Empire

A new history indicts the British imperium.

The Broken Social Contract

Danielle Allen on America’s broken social contract

Harvard Squared What to do in Boston, Cambridge and beyond

Springtime Antics at the Arnold Arboretum

Lesser-known plants with tricks up their sleeves (or, rather, stems)

Photographs and Blackness, Barkley L. Hendricks

How the artist saw community—and the world 

Parklands and Wastewater

The strange, haunting magic of Boston Harbor's Deer Island

Harvard Commencement 2022

Speakers, ceremonies, and celebrations

Harvard Square Blooms Again

New businesses arrive in the neighborhood—and old ones take on new life. A Harvard2 Local Business Roundup

Almuni Harvardians far and wide

Harvard Graduates Leave No One Behind

The U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over—but promises remain unfulfilled.

Change at the Top

Philip Lovejoy to retire as Harvard Alumni Association executive director

Ballots, Please

The Board of Overseers and Alumni Association elected director slates